Since Website Update it Keeps Opening Guest Inbox by default

Is this happening to anyone else? Since Air updated their website the other day, every time I login to check messages, it takes me to the Guest section of the Inbox - as if I’m a guest.

It used to ALWAYS take me to the Host section. In the past it seemed to remember and take you to whichever one you used last. Now it has become super annoying. You click on a message from a guest - and when you hit the Back key to go back to the Inbox it takes you to the Guest Inbox - instead of the Host Inbox.

I wrote to Air about it and they’re acting like they’ve never heard of this problem! So, I was just curious if anyone else has noticed this.

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I am still taken to the Host area of the website. They have moved some things around, and the Dashboard seems to be a bit broken, but otherwise, behavior is the same.

Yes, I am having the same issue.

Now I will be reluctant to reboot my browser.

I’m getting that, or a site error. I couldn’t access my messages at all for a while.

I’ve been trying to update my House Rules but each time I click on edit, I get taken to the Booking choices page. I’ll check my inbox access now.

@Joan - how did it go with the Inbox?

Other issues today:

Tried to send a Special Offer to the current guests. They decided after seeing the rooms that their daughter would be far more comfortable here than on her brother’s couch. I trued to simply increase the guest count, but received an error message. “You can not change the number of guests on a current reservation.” Ended up simply changing the dollar amount, but of course, AirBNB doesn’t know that there are now three guests.

The price tips disappeared for about four hours! My prices were all black. There were no jeering messages to the right of the calendar. No taunts. No nagging. It was really nice.


Yes, it’s been irritating me for a few weeks now. No amount of clearing caches or re-starting will fix it. The desktop version of the site is a complete mess. Nothing matches, no consistent menu - it’s horrible and a PITA. I got a booking yesterday, though, so it still “works”.


Yes, this has been driving me crazy. Glad I am not alone.

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I checked the app on my i-pad and on Chromebook, with no discernible problem, and the in-house tech boffin was able to unlock editing the house rules when he got home. Mortifying…

Yay! I just learned a new word (“boffin”) thanks to you! Never heard of it before (oh, no wonder…it’s a British term) but it’s likely I’ll be using it now.

Love new (and simple) words.

I LOVE how those British words we’ve never heard - we instantly know what they mean by how they sound! We don’t even have to ask… we just know!

@JonYork – Yeah, well I’ve changed my mind about that word ~ it’s just slang and not one I’ll want to use.

American English dictionaries do cite boffin as being chiefly British slang, such as the American Heritage Dictionary. The Oxford English Dictionary simply defines it as a noun referring to someone engaged in scientific or technical research, or further, a person with knowledge or a skill considered to be complex or arcane. It originates from WW2, referring to the “backroom boys”(and girls) engaged in emerging technologies to help win the war. Think Bletchley Park and Enigma. I don’t think UK English users think of it as slang or even a term of contempt. It is stretched and used with affection towards people of a slightly eccentric bent, or mad professorish types, with in-depth knowledge of their subject but useless when it comes to activities of daily living! It’s a complement really.

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Yes, good description. I’d agree that it is used affectionately in general. I know a couple of boffins and they are universally adored and admired. The term is nothing like ‘nerd’ or ‘geek’, it’s reserved for those with specialist knowledge and dedication beyond the norm.