Silicone lube stains, arrrrgh!

I have searched the internet for a slam dunk, tried and true method for removing silicone lube stains. We’ve tried Dawn, oxyclean, and other recommended cleaning products. We’ve soaked, scrubbed, and scoured. We’ve washed over and over. Silicon lube stains have remained truly annoying and confounding. We have officially given up and just immediately take the soiled sheet to the dry cleaners at $12 a pop.

However, somehow the dry cleaner is able to consistently get the stains out. We need that product!

Seriously, we would love some tried and true recommendations. The only thing we haven’t dared try is further dousing the sheet in lube. Yes, this is an internet recommendation.

LAs totally awesome is worth a try and I bet would do it.

Excellent! What’s LAs?

I’ve posted on the firm about it before.
Google it, as I’m a mod and shouldn’t be posting links! :rofl:
You can usually find it at Kmart or other discount places.

Sorry that is the full name

LA’s Totally Awesome

Thanks for the recommendation. It’s well-reviewed but not one mention of silicone.

Ask yourself – Why is it that people who enjoy using silicon lube are drawn to our AirBnb? Location? Price point?

Try to solve the problem before it become an issue. If all else fails, an explicit sign warning that use of such items WILL result in monetary penalties may help…

I’m feeling a bit naive here!


The internet solution I found: Detergent to wash your dishes and lemon juice. Spread the mix on the stains and leave it there for 10-15 minutes. Afterwards wash as normal.

I haven’t tried this, so do some trial and error with some sheets that can be ruined ;).

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I have used a cleaner called Genesis 950 that will remove stuff like old latex paint. Last time I bought it though it seemed they no longer had smaller sizes. But it is good for a lot of stuff and is an excellent carpet cleaner and oder remover. So as a rental owner you might consider purchasing it anyway. Maybe try amyl acetate. Dry cleaners use a variety of flammable and toxic products that you might not want to have around anyway.

Maybe your dry cleaner would be willing to tell you what product they use to remove the stains.

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Do you have a theory about silicone lube. If so, do tell!

I think guests assume that anyone in the hospitality business has magic potions to remove all stains.

Oh, hey, here’s why I love this forum: The back catalog of advice.

For reasons*, I needed to figure out how to get Astroglide out of cotton and have an update to share. Jolie Kerr has a suggestion that has worked for me: a product called Soilove (Amazon, alas).

*Oh, I know the specific make-up because they left the bottle in the bed, too. Extremely helpful of guests to leave it so I could read the label, five stars.


Immerse the stain in almost boiling water (I actually use the kettle), let it soak awhile, repeat if necessary. You can add some detergent too.

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