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Sign up by March 1 for $350! Flatbook comes to LA to manage your summer rentals!


Hello fellow Airbnb hosts!

As a former Airbnb host, I’m now LA regional manager for a startup, Flatbook, that empowers property owners and college students to travel by saving them the summer rent or mortgage on their place. I like to think we pay people to get out and explore the world, especially by helping Airbnb hosts escape for the summer while we manage your property worry-free and guaranteed!

We then convert those spaces into premium places for travelers to stay and attract tourists to the spaces we manage.

We’ve grown 800% in the last year in terms of properties managed, and now we’re looking to be in over 30 cities this year. Uber grew from 1 to 35 in 4 years. We might just be able to do that in less than 3. Last year alone, we saved people over $500,000 in rent.

If you’re interested, you can learn more at flatbook.co and if you apply by March 1 using my promo code LOS-TN, you qualify for $350 if your property is accepted into our program. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.



Interesting business model. So you basically keep 100% of the profits after the subletter’s rent (and $350 bonus) is paid out?


Yes, we also pay up to 100% of the utilities and free storage for the owner/student’s possessions. For Airbnb property owners, it would be negotiable what the our payment would be, based on each individual property and their market.

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