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Sick Guests / Request Reporting?

Do you think it would be wrong to include a line in the house rules to let you know if anyone becomes ill while staying? For example, there has been a lot of the winter vomiting bug making the rounds. There are certain additional precautions required when dealing with this and certain additional cleaning chemicals needed.

One of the first things I do when cleaning after guests is have a good spray around with Lysol. You never know what bacteria the guests might have left lurking!

Yeah, we do that too, but the contact times are different to kill that particular virus, as well as the degree of protective equipment desirable.

You’re making hosting seem to be extremely hazardous!

Funny you should ask. I was just thinking about how much I hate the idea of vomiting guests. I can hear it from up here. Normally it is pregnant women.

If anyone threw up in our rental and didn’t clean up, I’d be totally freaked. I have a vomit-phobia. Our rental is separate so I wouldn’t hear the gross noises but the thought of cleaning up is completely revolting.

I’ve read posts here where hosts describe having to deal with it when cleaning. Heroes. I’d freak. YUK!

My place is separate but I can hear them downstairs. When they flush, take showers and getting sick. Rare but does happen.

Yuck. I can cope with most things as a host but puking grosses me out.

Normal stay means normal cleaning.
Vomiting is not normal.
Not normal equals extra cleaning.
Extra cleaning means claim on deposit.
Claim on deposit means extra heavy breathing mask, throwaway gloves, eye protection and an adult beverage after cleaning,
Oh the fun of hosting…not just relegated to the joys of depositing funds into a bank account.

This scenario JUST happened to me last night! My guest vomited red wine all over my linens, pillows, and then the carpet from the bedroom to the bathroom! Seriously, the whole upstairs of my house is RUINED.

Oh NO!!! Horrific! Call Air immediately and open a case! Drinking and reckless behavior led to that!!!

I"ve started a case with the Resolution Center :slight_smile: No idea how that will end.

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