Sick as guest 202020

I just read the whole thread about guest being kicked out by host for coughing continuously.
We are leaving for an Airbnb in a Mexican resort town on monday ( its friday) for a week. It’s our 1st vacay not family chosen for years and we are so looking forward to it! However MK and I have been pretty sick with flu like symptoms that are now on the 11th day. MK is showing more energy today but I am still coughing and sniveling. We did not buy trip insurance. Where we are going we will have a private en suite but the place has 6 other rooms and their family (separate) there as well. Also corona fears and possible jet travel problems return to US because of that???
Please advise. Hard the throw the dinero away. Sickness should be on the way OUT@#$%%$#@

Hopefully you have chosen a normal host, the majority are :wink:, that will not kick you out because you have a bit of flu (probably a cold). We have had guests with all kinds of ailments and we have never ever thought of trowing them out because of this. Don’t worry, you will be fine. Enjoy your vacation!

What do you mean with jet travel problems?


thanks Guthend! Our host, so far, has been fabulous! We had a sick guest, her hubby really wanted to come, which they did, and she was well the next day! Tiny Tiki Magic:)

Well there is the Wuhan Corona virus and the airports in US at least including LAX are on high alert to find someone with a fever. Hopefully they are not as worried about it in Mexico and of course we have not been to China. I am thinking I might try to find some face masks…

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That would be a courteous thing to do. It sounds like you are renting a room in someone’s house, and with the coronavirus fears and with the more immediate and bigger threat of influenza, I would be extra cautious to take measures to contain the spread of your virus. Be aware of what surfaces you touch that other guests might touch and maybe even stay away from common areas. Try not to touch your face, mouth, or nose and then touch a surface that someone else might touch (the mask can help with this). Presumably you are at the end of the contagious phase if you’ve been sick that long, and you just have the residual coughing that may last a couple of weeks.

Every host is different in terms of their tolerance for sick guests, but it sounds like yours is fine. I would never kick out a guest for being sick, but I had a guest recently who was obviously very sick and I was frustrated that she had brought it into my home, especially with a shared bathroom. I wore gloves when I disinfected the room, door handles, etc. I had just gotten over an illness and get sick for a really long time when I get a cold, so I thought it was kind of rude for this guest to come into my house while she was that sick.


To help prevent the spread of flus and colds, cough and sneeze into the crook of your elbow, rather than your hand. That way you aren’t leaving the virus on the surfaces you touch with your hands.


You can get travel insurance over the phone. It’s worth checking out.

I turned down my partner’s 70th birthday this weekend because stepson had a raging cold. I am a prediabetic senior. I will make it up, of course, but these days, there are consequences.

I have been feeling better each day and MK is t completely well. So we are going.
I found that steam with a towel over your head works wonders! Wish us well:)

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Today’s departing 20something was coughing and sneezing last night and this morning (1 night stay). I “gloved up” before going in the room and armed myself with disinfectant wipes and cleaning supplies.