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Shutdown... for having surveillance cameras around my property

I got shutdown…HARD!!! (long read)

i recieved an email weeks ago about surveillance camera disclosure. Apparently some check boxes that needed to be checked off. (1 of my my listing doesnt even have that option))
As most of us host dont read/respond to emails from an account with 5 listings ,only to the notifications through the app. one day the app / webpage responded with error, when i seeked out help, the response was " you will be contacted."
A guest came to my door,stating his reservation got cancelled. i tried to figure it all out… then scrolled through 537 emails in yahoo mail , only to find “your account will be terminated if you do not comply.” " you have 48 hours…" etc… Account shutdown…

now the Story…
A guest inquired to stay at a listing i have, they asked about having extra guests and specifically if i would be at the space upon arrival i say “NO” they proceed to book. Upon arrival they cannot find the place, so they call me, i located them and bring them to the destination. They ask where is the extra bed(s) extra towels etc… and As some guest do they try to hurry, and rush me off “okay thanks, were ok now…” on my way out , in comes the 3rd unconfirmed guests with bags, hats, and fishing pole.
*note i have CCTV cameras pointed at every entry / exit on the property and he looks right into it…with that Look… (((( oh nooo))))
As the unapporved unpaid, extra guest ($20 per night) come fumbling in they include " oh he’s just staying tonight."
But i could see the distaste look of being caught out trying to pull a piggy back guest for 8 nights.

So they leave the next morning with no notice, not a word. but then ask for a full refund after 3 days later, no cancellation. The reasons ( the main photo is not accurate, but the the accommodating photos are in deed accurate. they claimed the bathroom electrical socket was dangerous, GFI switch had been tripped. Oh there was a broom and cleaning supplies in the micro office… and that the bed appeared to be slept in. (wow really)) i
agree and return all funds except the 1 night +extra guest+ cleaning fee.
I get a CALL from airbnb resolution and i tell them about the situation and why im NOT fully refunding the guests. I ask for the reservation be Cancelled, and the space be able to be made available. I explained that my cameras were the reason the guests cancelled,and i explained how they were attempting to have an extra guest habitat the space.

My corrospondence…
((me to airbnb)))
I do have a question, this guests left/ checked out a day after arrival, why wasnt the reservation cancelled,? And since I have approved a substantial part of the payment bye the guest, the listing should be made available at this time

9:27 AM

Airbnb Support

11:35 AM (4 days later)

I am uncertain why the reservation was not cancelled, however, I have cancelled now so your calendar is open for new guests starting today. The refund of $600 has been processed and your account will be adjusted. I hope your future guests are well and should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

i get this mail in my mailbox after some guest show up at my door saying there reservation they made was cancelled.

Esteban, Aug 6, 15:33 PDT:

Hello Rob,

This is Esteban from Airbnb. We are reaching out because of a report that there are surveillance devices at the listing. Can you provide me with the locations of the surveillance devices? We understand the need for surveillance devices on your property but I just want to make sure that the devices adhere to our terms of service.

To restore full access to your account, reply directly to this message with a written statement that you have reviewed the Security section of the Airbnb Community Standards. You can read those standards at:

You also need to update your listing’s House Rules to include specific mention of (a) device(s), including both the location and whether the device(s) will be recording during a reservation.

You can update your House Rules by following these instructions:


If we do not receive confirmation that you have completed these steps by August 8th, 2019 we may remove you from the Airbnb community.

Best regards,


i responded with emails with photos , angles, posted surveillance signs etc… i scramble to fix any and every flaw, photo to the response team,

i got this email in return…

Hello Rob,

We have fully restored your account after receiving confirmation that you reviewed the Security section of the Airbnb Community Standards. An internal note has been added to your account.

If we receive another report about recording devices in your listing(s), we may remove you from the Airbnb community.

and…another one.

Hello Rob,

After reviewing your camera’s, we found that they are outside of the listing, and are not pointed directly into any zero tolerance areas. This is completely acceptable according to our community standards.

If you ever choose to place surveillance devices within the listing, please review our community standards before doing so.

I hope I was able to clarify this for you.
If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to reach me through email.


Thanks for getting in touch with us. After reviewing your account, it appears it was suspended in error. We’ve re-activated it so everything should be in working order and apologize for any confusion.

In Deed…i was soo f*ckin confused… check out the damage…

All listings unlisted for 4days , all reservations cancelled 30+, numerous emails, messages, and whatsapp messages on “why did you cancel my reservation”.
currently my listings are only 60% active. Im considering a normal rental, platform redistribution, and / or any alternative. My listings, income, and patience for AIRBNB has be completely damaged. All theese meetings they ask me to attend, STR counsel, regulation, etc. they’ve called my phone repeated times. whenever there’s a guest with a issue i get a phone call…
Then when my listing gets shut down??? No call, cant talk with anyone directly,only slow email correspondence.

AIRBNB has sided with the major metro to regulate, collect taxes, and do everything they can to make your home…their Hotel…

public really cant have what they want,and do how they please…

Well, it’s your fault that you don’t read emails. If you had, you wouldn’t have had the cancellations. When dealing with the AirBnB sharks, you have to read EVERYTHING. People are constantly coming on here complaining that [yadda yadda] happened because they didn’t read all of the Air info before going live, or saying something to guests, or cancelling a booking.

Now that you’re back up, you can make special offers to the folks who were cancelled, if they haven’t booked somewhere else already.

I don’t understand why folks complain about what Air does when they don’t pay attention to communications from Air. I read every one, but of course ignore the ones that want me to run my place their way instead of my way.


Yes, the secret to success is knowing the difference between what you MUST do and what they WANT you to do.

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So I’m really sympathetic to hosts who are shut down because Air’s shoddy background check erroneously tagged them as a felon on the lam…or when a scammer says “discrimination” and shuts down their business.

However in this circumstance you didn’t have the cameras disclosed, someone complained, and Air did their due diligence in asking you to respond. You didn’t.

Surely you’ve seen all the bad press about hidden cameras in Airbnb bedrooms, etc. Keeping up on changes to the Airbnb platform is part of your business. In this forum alone you could find a ton of threads on cameras and I can’t imagine one that doesn’t mention the required disclosure. Stop by a little more often so you can keep informed on changes to Air policies and sensitive issues. We’d love to hear you weigh in on the great duvet debates. :wink:

I hope you’re able to replace the cancelled bookings. That sucks.


exactly. sorry to say but being a host means to read and answer all your emails from guests and corporate in timely manner. And disclose your cameras. it’s like in any other job, you know, like not reading the emails from your CEO or something.


One of my listings doesnt even have the prompts/selections/choices to make the disclosure… so i put it in the house manual…

ive yet to get my case manager on the phone direct to resolve the issue…
the emails ive sent have went unanswered, to the point now that i get a response message from airbnb saying “unfortunatly you message has not reached airbnb”

Games people play…

Man… no sympathy here. Read your emails! I can not even understand the reasoning that you used to ignore them!

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Yet another reason why many guests prefer the “one host, one listing” model…

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