Shower curtain newbie - Which one is best?

I am fitting out a house for a future airbnb listing and its the first time ive had to buy a shower curtain.

Ive used them in hotels and other airbnbs, but im not sure what to look for when purchasing one. I do like the weighted ones so they don’t stick to you, and I was thinking white to go with the colour scheme, but I have no idea on material. Do I need to spend a fortune to get something decent or are the $30 ones from Bunnings (hardware shop) ok?

Any help greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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It’s a shower curtain. I would say don’t overthink it :slight_smile:


I personally like the fabric ones so you can wash them.

I buy the cheapest I can find because I change them often. I find that they are not worth the trouble to clean. Tried that, too much work. Here in the US I can get a 3-pack for $10.

I like clear ones because it makes the room seem bigger.

Using a soft soap body wash they stay cleaner longer. If a guest brings their own hard soap they get scummy faster and I just throw them out.

I never tried fabric. Yes, they would be much easier to wash. I’ll consider them even though I like the effect of clear ones on the room size perception.

I like the Hookless brand ones. You don’t need hooks. The liner is attached. They look pretty good. They are washable. The style I have is called Escape.


My favorite has a clear stripe at the top but is opaque lower down. I like the design aspects of completely clear curtains, but it’s not practical for our family.

I think i got my last set on

I’m an expert on shower curtains!

  1. Get the weighted kind, anything else is flimsy and annoying

  2. They get nasty very quickly if you don’t treat and wash them and air out regularly so…

  3. Don’t go too high-end, it’s not worth it. No matter how often you wash them, you will need to replace them at least every 8- 10 months

  4. Nobody really cares about the pattern…it’s a shower curtain and therefore already a bit crap, so just go plain white

  5. Always have a back-up because of that guest who will blithely dye their hair and not care that it gets all over the place and stains

  6. Make sure guests know that it goes INSIDE the tub when they shower. Really, really, really make sure. Many people do not understand (particularly from countries who are used to wet rooms) and your bathroom floor will be flooded.


I use a two layer shower curtain. A cheap clear or white plastic with weights at the bottom. Over top I’ve made a curtain with bright fabric.

I am a tad puzzled here. I have a shower curtain and a shower liner. The curtain never gets nasty. It never gets wet. The liner gets wet, but I don’t find that they get nasty all that often. After 1 year of 98% occupancy, I have replaced.

The liner I chose is:

The curtain was more expensive. Something carried by one of the Crate & Barrel family of stores. CB2 maybe? I think it cost about $40 and it looks fabulous 9 years later.

Really? Maybe I’m not such an expert after all :frowning: I am sceptical of anything that claims to be mold and mildew resistant though, to be honest, because nothing is really. Actually, it’s not mold so much (I don’t let it get that far) but the general …I don’t know… stainy scummy look that doesn’t just wash out easily. Maybe it’s the type of water??

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Could be. We get a pinkish mold around here (grows extremely slowly), but no scummy stuff at all. Our water isn’t hard which is much more scummy, I believe.


1.99 $
Buy 20, change as often as needed. I use them in all of my apartments.

Problem solved.

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Buy 20? And store them where ?

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I bet they come flat packed, so 20 would fit easily tucked away among the spare linens.

(I kid)7

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Heh and where do the spare linens, TP and shower curtains go? :smiley:

Under the elephants.


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