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Showcase your home / highlight your neighborhood -- tools?


Hi! What tools do yall use to help showcase your home and neighborhood?

Our guests are curious for what to do in the area and want a feel for what it’s like before they arrive. We wanted a platform that could help us tell a story and share experience. We tried airbnb’s tools; we’ve resorted to emails prior to check-in where we write up our favorite restaurants, bars, hiking /outdoor activities, etc and link a map to help them navigate and gauge proximity…

We just found Yallzi, which has been awesome. Here’s the Yallzi for our airbnb (named PickYerFillin) for you to check out : http://bit.ly/PickYerFillin. Would love to hear any of your thoughts!

Have you found other tools that have been helpful for you?


I use pinterest and created a board for my listing of things to do in and around my area and Miami is general.

here is my link:

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That is amazing, Carmen!!!

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