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Should we use Deposit or not


Is Anyone Else but me using a deposit or am I the only one - I have a request from a potential guest wanting to visit us With out paying that deposit - is that wise or stupid


Hello @rosengaardmike

Have you read how Airbnb’s deposit works on its Help Centre?

The guest is not charged. Its just an amount that Airbnb CAN charge should there be damage.

Explain how it works to your guest. Unless they are intending to damage your place, there is no reason for them not to book a listing with a deposit.


Deposit on Airbnb is fake


If this is an ABB booking Guests do not pay a Deposit.



If you are referring to a security/damage deposit that you impose on guests via another platform, do not remove that requirement. It is your safety mechanism for recapturing at least part of your loss or damage due to a breach of your rules or accidents.

I have withheld some of a guest’s security deposit on several occasions and all of it in one instance for unauthorized occupants. To have total control is the best of all worlds. (Air’s deposit policy is a fantasy.)


I had a group guests checked out late, my cleaning ladies showed up and had to wake them up, the place was extra messy, the cleaning ladies had to wait for them to leave and called extra help to be able to finish on time. I have guests check-in in a few hours. So the cleaning company billed me extra, I uploaded the receipt to airbnb resolution center to ask for the extra cleaning fee. They won’t give to me, emailed back and forth, I asked for why can’t deduct from their deposit. They said it’s not for this kind of things, for damage only. I am very disappointed.


Of course they should cover it. If not through the deposit, then through the guarantee. I would try pursuing this through their social media @Ping


Contact the airbnb help on tweitter, they said the case manager has followed the policy. they will not pay for the extra cleaning charge. Case is closed.

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