Should we show our actual address?

Recently we decided to choose the option to show our actual address to potential guests before they book. Our reason for doing this is to show that we are within a 400 metre walk to the beach, restaurants etc.

There are obviously pros and cons in every decision. Does anyone else on the forum disclose their address in this way?

No need, the map for the location shows pretty accurately where I am and I describe in the listing and photo’s key local amenities @JohnnyAir

Personally I think it’s a security risk to disclose the address in advance, particularly with whole listings.


Agree that disclosing address is a security risk in most situations. The map is accurate enough for a 400 meter walk! With the map zoom feature, it shows our place plus/minus 100 meters – street names, the creek at the end of the block, and more!

I have the setting that shows my address (supposedly). I haven’t doubled checked and it hasn’t been an issue.

Agreed- the map shows pretty darn accurately before booking and an actual address may be more trouble than its worth.

I’ve found the exact address of many Airbnbs and taken a look at the neighborhood with Google street view.

I disclose my postal (zip) code but that’s it. It’s amazing how many peeps want your address to “drop in” or use it for fraud.

I have no problem with guests knowing the address. Many areas, including ours, can vary a lot from one street to the next. As far as I see it, the place is classed as business premises so not showing the address would be like having a restaurant without an accurate map of its location. :slight_smile:

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This is probably the main reason that we haven’t done it before. The Google camera took a photo of our house on the one day in the last 35 years that one of our sons had his jalopy (haven’t seen that word for a long time) on the grass verge with the bonnet up and an extension cord in to charge the battery!!!

That hasn’t changed. The same photo is still there so we may revert to no address.


Actually I am afraid of doing so. People, bad people might show up at your house uninvited. You can mention in the description or even the title that the house is meters from the beach.

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No, I don’t disclose our address. You won’t believe how many people will come AND WALK IN YOUR YARD/PROPERTY to check it out…they just want a look-see ahead of time. I know because I catch them on our cameras. Very unnerving. I have deliberately left off the address on my Google My Business listing too for that same reason, and put in a comment that there are no public spots to view the property, please review the extensive photos, etc.


We show the actual location. Like you, this is a big part of our appeal. We are waterfront property with great views.

Regardless of what you do, some guests will give you 4 stars on location, especially if they choose to give a 4 overall. It is what it is.

No way! Our local drug addict thieves would be checking out my house to see if it’s vacant, even though it’s by the room, not a whole house rental. At least one other Air rental, a whole house rental, got burgled last year when it was vacant (they didn’t have cameras, but they do now). Neighbors know it’s a rental, so they didn’t pay much attention to comings and goings.

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So you put your address publicly on your listing @Jefferson?

Your home/airbnb address is all over the internet. I must have misunderstood your post? Edited for clarity: it’s all over the internet because you advertise it that way and use the same name and picture across all platforms, not because Airbnb put your address out there.

No one will find you at The Tiny Tiki Retro Hideaway! Gps will not get you here and if you try, you will end up in a gully on a dirt dead end. No self check in ,no snooping, no pinning location. I’m happy with it and the guests love the feeling!


Booked Guests get the Full Actual Address

Prospective Guests see the Actual Location on the Map View. Go to LISTING DETAILS then LOCATION. We choose to provide this - rather than a “general circle”.


Drug addict thieves are too lazy or zoned out to do more than fire up the Air app because some other junky told them that’s how to find empty houses. They are opportunists, but not very ambitious.

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I’ll take your word on it.

For the sake of anyone reading I’d like to make it clear that Airbnb doesn’t list your address on a listing. Show your address means put a pin on the map where your home actually is as opposed to the big blue circle. Even with the circle though it wasn’t hard to figure out addresses in some areas. No one gets the address until they make a reservation.

I think someone who is shopping has every right to have a very good idea of where a listing is so they can get a place in the location they want it. But no, I don’t want people knocking on my door asking to see the room before booking and I don’t want junkies breaking in. Good luck with that here though.