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Should I use a "topper" on my bed?


I have rented my apartment for some years now without any complaints regarding the queen sized bed. Just now a departing tenant said my bed was too “hard.” I will admit that the bed came with a removable “topper.” But I had never used such a thing and did not know how to clean it between tenants. (I do vacuum the mattress and wash the mattress pad EVERY turn over-no bed bugs for me, I hope) Now I am thinking I need to put one of those topper back on the bed.
Does anyone know how I can clean this topper frequently? It is not capable of going into the washing machine and a dry cleaning estimate was $50 or so.


By all means YES. I bought 3 1" memory foam toppers on Groupon. They just looked like packing foam to me but they make people so happy. They make sleeping on a rock comfortable. Why would you ever bother cleaning foam? I never clean mine. They are covered by clean sheets.


In Washington D.C. bedbugs are a legitimate worry. That is why I clean everything related to the bed carefully.
I suppose I can put a mattress pad on top of the foam topper. I feel that one can never clean enough.
And I am a Super Host.


I have four memory foam mattress toppers. I absolutely swear by them.

I have one on each of my sofabeds that I use depending on the configuration of guests and if I am listing the whole apartment or a shared environment. And I have two for my own Queen Bed. One for guests and one separate for me. It means no guest is EVER sleeping directly on my mattress or having sex in my bed.

They all have removeable washable and zippable covers which I wash about once a month (each 3-4 guest stays) I only host 10-15 days a month. and I have a fitted sheet on top of this which I wash with every guest.

My reviews of my main listing the sofabed gush that it is like sleeping on a cloud and the most comfortable bed they have ever slept on!


Which brand/model do you use? Thanks!


I have bed bug covers in all my beds and then bed covers over them.


I use a fully fitted Bamboo/Cotton waterproof mattress shield and put 2 cotton quilted mattress protector over the top. I also purchased the waterproof pillowcases also. They have definitely protected the mattress and pillows.

I wash only 1 of the protectors after each guest.


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