Should I respond to this comment?

I just received a review where the guest marked me down for Location because there are “local people from all countries in the community environment”.
It’s not a big deal to me personally as she still gave me 5 stars overall but I live in a proudly multi-cultural country so I’m wondering if I should respond, saying something to that effect.
What would make me hesitate is that I can’t be sure of her exact words because it was a Google translation.

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Sometimes it us best not to respond. It shows who she is and her ignorance not yours.


I would not respond. It sounds like this person is prejudice and you responding isn’t going to change that.

Don’t respond. I believe that future guests cannot see that this person rated you lower for location, so your public response will seem odd (unless the specifically said “we disliked the location because there are local…”)

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Just reading the review you could take it as a plus?

Personally I do not reply but have no idea how I would do to this.

No response 1. Their location comment doesn’t display publicly. (I don’t think it does…). 2. There is a chance google translate picks up something in error (it translated lizards in French to monsters on one of my guest reviews). 3. Sounds like nothing is to be gained.

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Thanks for the suggestions. She mentioned it both in the Location section and also the public review, saying the house was clean and the facilities were also good, but "the community environment was worse!"
Anyway, I won’t respond. Imagine how awful it was for her - she travelled to a different country and found people of different nationalities there…


I use the Chrome extension to read guest reviews. If I ever saw a comment like this in a review I would see if I could cancel their reservation penalty free.


I can hear my mother’s voice clear as a bell saying, “If there’s any ass showing, don’t let it be yours.”


Never, ever, ever, ever, ever (just using up some characters) respond to comments.

Let it go. Ask yourself if you will care about this comment in 20 years time.

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