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Should I respond to my guest, reviews already submitted?

Me, personally I would have not been listening to the dogs barking for 6 hours … and certainly two days in a row. I would probably gone in the unit after 20min and put an anti bark collar on the puppy … or taken him in with me.

Read through this post. Perhaps calling Animal control is a bit krass, but a message mentioning it would get the point across nicely.

My beef with your suddenly appearing fine print lays more with the crating …I would certainly resent that and probably seek a cancellation as a guest.

Then it is really a good thing that you came here before clicking any/one of your messages back to her!

If as a host in the UK, I experienced a similar situation, I would be on the phone pronto to the RSPCA, a national animal welfare charity, and definitely by the second day’s repeat. They have statutory powers to remove animals in distress, and to prosecute owners. Yes, dogs do bark, but not for hours on end, without a pee/poo break and left on their own. That’s plain cruelty.

But I would probably have collected the puppy after 20 minutes too, and taken the others for a pee/poo/run regularly. I can be a bit soft on occasion…

Call Airbnb and ask them to block her because she makes you feel uneasy. Otherwise, she will keep harrassing you.

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Wow. I’m sorry. Just wow. She sounds like an overly aggressive numbnut, looking for a fight. I’d call Airbnb and tell them to review the messages while on the phone with you and that you are feeling threatened and they need to earn their fee and STOP this guest’s behavior now.


What I’m finding it difficult to understand is, if she loves her dogs so much that she has to bring them with her to your place, why go out all day and leave them behind? I’m guessing its because your Airbnb is cheaper for her than finding a decent boarding Kennels!


@JJD I did use that option, but was never given the choice to “block”, just to contact customer service.

@momovich Oh, that’s disappointing. Did you call in and have her blocked?

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