Should I refund renter for problem they aren't complaining about?

Hi, I purchased a lake front cottage, partially renovated it and am renting it out. I advertised pre-renovation pictures but notified renters of renovations before booking. I had my sister stay there for a week and then a friend so they could let me know of any issues. I then rented it online for the first time. The renters had a problem the first day where the freezer was not getting cold enough for them to store frozen food. I had someone over there within the hour to repair and he suggested a new fridge which I purchased same day for next day delivery. I delivered the renter a small freezer to use over night. They have been very gracious and understanding but I feel terrible, would you issue any type of refund? Thanks!

Well done in making sure to sort out the problem asap! I would definitely refund if you hadn’t dealt with the issue so quickly. These situations you really need to feel out. I would say that your providing a freezer for their food so none was lost was amazing, and getting a new fridge the next day too.

If you felt that any food may have been lost, and also that the intrusion of workers bringing in the fridge and the freezer the night before caused much of a drama for the guests perhaps you could offer to refund some money for the trouble. Most guests would simply be happy that the situation was handled. You handled this just as well as any hotel would. And a hotel would not offer refunds or discounts usually. They would simply fix the issue and that would be that.

But as hosts, and particularly a new host you want your guests to be thrilled with their experience, five stars all around. In this case you may consider knocking off a discount to show you care (even more than you showed you did!). I think you will be getting high marks anyway :slight_smile:

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I would not refund, but that’s just me. You handled the situation immediately and with good intentions.

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