Should I refund my guests?

A horrible thing happened tonight. An intruder went to my house where my guests are and peeked through the windows and tried opening the door! This is the first time this happened. My house has fences surrounding it.

Maybe give your guests a gift or discount, but it really wasn’t your fault.


Have they complained? Don’t open up a can of worms unless they say something.

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I keep a small stock of gift cards. I use Starbucks ones and the Cheesecake Factory because I’m assuming that both these businesses have locations in the guests’ hometowns as well as here. If a guest has been inconvenienced, they receive a gift card.

Guests are normally delighted.

Absolutely no refunds!


No do not refund! Shit happens it’s not your fault.


I will personally pay a visit to check in on them and apologise. This happened in your house and guests expect a minimal level of security. I will offer to refund them any remaining days if they no longer feel safe and wish to stay at a hotel. That’s just how I would do it. Try putting yourself in their shoes, if you had made them stay on despite their security concerns, I would imagine a one star rating on the way?

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