Should I mention "slow" wifi in listing?

we are well aware of the fact, that our wifi is not perfect, but it’s not that bad either. We are software developers working from home, so fast internet is very important for us. Our area is unfortunately still on DSL, but we have fastest connection we can get here. It is sufficient enough for normal surfing on internet and even watching movies (Netflix) simultaneously on at least 2 devices.
Our last guests left complain about wifi in their review. Thankfully, they didn’t mention anything in the public review only ditched stars on Accuracy with note wifi. I send them message asking if they could be more specific, but no answer so far.
So now I’m wondering if I should somehow included in the listing and where.

If you can stream Netflix I would not call it slow. What were they trying to use it for that they had issues?


Yup. You should. I would include in under the House Rules --> Details guests must know about your home. Then they will have to agree that they have read this information as part of the booking process.

You might also consider mentioning the connection speed/concurrency issues in your narrative.

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If you decide to mention it, I would make sure to include that this is throughout the entire area, not specific to your listing, using the wording you provided here with a slight modification:

“we have fastest _internet _connection we can get _in our town/city/county (whatever applies) which is currently on DSL. It is sufficient for normal surfing on internet and watching movies (Netflix) simultaneously on at least 2 devices.”

And as smtucker said I would put it under Details guests must know about your and in the narrative.


Yes, as I said it’s not so bad, efficient enough for normal usage of internet and Netflix, but guests coming from areas with high-speed internet (they live in California) might feel a difference.

Our speed is ridiculous, I am almost ashamed to write those numbers here :smiley:, but it is best we can get here. Just by moving to another country our internet speed dropped 5x and our bill raised 3x. But we make up for it with high-speed router, which provides much better connection than what most people have.

This is great idea, thank you. We really cannot do anything to improve it and yes it is problem of this country. And really don’t want people blaming us for slow internet, when we do best we can for where we are. It’s just downside of traveling I guess. Some areas of the city are on optic wires, so their speed can be better, but we are in the capital, so I doubt that rest of the country is anyhow better.


I would say something like 'Please note. We live in a country where internet speeds are not as fast as in others. Fine for most day to day use such as email, social media and watching Netflix, although it can be slow on occasion.


Also one another thing. We are immigrants coming from country with much higher internet. We came here for vacation, before we decided to move here. I remember our host assured us, that they have very fast internet (we needed to do little working) and I got little annoyed, because it wasn’t really fast.
So if I claim our internet is slow, because it can be 10x faster in other parts of world, but all other listings will claim they have high speed, because they have the fastest of what they can get, then it will look bad for us.

We have the same issue. We have high-speed commercial equipment from the US in our home in the Caribbean, but the internet service to the villa is ok, but not fast and can have brief interruptions sometimes. The wires are draped through the trees in the way up the hill to us.

Yes, I mention it as an amenity limitation, and state that it is due to supplier limitations and not our equipment.

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oh yes I do think that should be mentioned.

Instead of claiming the internet is “slow” or “fast”, which is relative to what people might expect based on their home city you could do what I do and actually state the maximum speed: “We are on unlimited NBN wireless in the country which means measured maximum internet speeds of 20 Mbps, enough for streaming HD Netflix on 2 devices and normal internet usage”. There are plenty of online sites that can measure your download and upload speeds for you.

You are in Prague? We got terrible internet at our Prague 12 hotel but I still gave them five stars. :laughing: Prague’s charms make up for it. :grinning:

THe above, the first sentence of your post, is all you need to say. For those who care, it’s very important. However, bear in mind that it’s not important at all to a lot of guests. I look after a listing for a neighbour and until late last year, the apartment had no internet connection at all. He still had no problem getting guests.

For others, me definitely, I’d like to be aware of any slowness.

Here is what I have in my listing:
…This is ideal for emails and basic web browsing, but is often slow.

No, but I know Prague very well (studied there for few years) and if your hotel had problematic wifi, then it’s that hotel’s problem. Czech Republic have quite good connections, it’s not cheap though, but still speeds are above average in Europe.

Ok, I will notify guests, that in this country we have slow speeds, so it’s problem for everybody, but despite that we do our best to provide best connection we can.