Should I list on sites as a cabin or house?

For those of you who have a log cabin, which do you use and have you tested to see if travelers are filtering and one category brings more inquiries than the other? I know depending on the site, the categories will differ.

And for those of you who would be searching for log cabin accommodations…would you filter for cabin or house? Or both?

I know some people consider a “cabin” a small little place with minimal amenities. I don’t know if I have seen the term “log cabin” on listing sites.

Anyway, here is my listing if you helps in giving feedback


I could be wrong, but I don’t believe it is possible for guests to filter beyond “entire place” It lets you search for unique accommodations, such as a yurt.

I’m not necessarily referring to ABB. But sites where you are given an option to list under cabin or house.

I really don’t know as a traveler what people consider to be a cabin. One person who came to a SuperBowl party at the rental said “I thought this was going to be a cabin, this is balh blah blah” - I can’t recall now what she said.

So not sure when people filter for cabin if that’s what they have in mind, or if they consider cabin to be any log cabin.

And then there are those who are just looking for any place to fit their group’s needs, and they just may choose house. I haven’t tested yet.

Or if anyone here has tested between “cottage” and house. Or any number of variations.

IMHO if it’s a more or less one room structure (main area, bathroom, closet) that sleeps 1-3 people, then I call it a cabin or cabana (we have a cabana behind my partner’s home).

If it has distinct rooms – living, kitchen, dining, bedroom(s) – then it’s a house.

Log cabins do not sleep 4-12 people – Log Homes or Houses do.

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thank you. I couldn’t remember the other name used instead of log cabin, and it’s log home.

thanks for the input. BTW - are you seeing anywhere on my listing it says sleeps 4-12 or were you just using a hypothetical example. Cuz I need to remove that if it says anything over 6 guests.

The best way to describe your “cabin”, is give the square footage, along with detailed photos of the inside and your amenities. It is clearly a log cabin based on your pictures and is very beautiful. However, your cabin is best described in the unique manner in which you want to advertise it. I would change your title to “A Touch of Luxury Log Cabin”! Vacationers look for these kind of unique places & this would set you aside from the competition in your surrounding area.
We own a 2,600 sq.ft. 2 story cabin in the Sequoia National Forest. What sets us aside from our competitors is our location, the amount of guest we can accommodate, & our amenities. We offer a welcome smores basket also filled with hot cocoa & popcorn. A full coffee, tea basket with kerig & traditional coffee maker, Snow equipment, mountain bikes…& so much more! The description of a “cabin” as you put it, does not necessarily mean a small little place. The description is left in your hands… be creative and descriptive as possible! All of the homes in our village are described as “cabins”. We are located 7,200ft. above elevation in the Great Western Divide of Central California Sequoia National Forrest near the “Trail of a Thousand Giants”, This is our cabin…

Good luck

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4-12 was just an example. To me if it sleeps more than 3-4 it’s a house, not a cabin.


thanks @Ponderosa23

I’m just referring to when you have to select a category on a listing site. When guests are filtering they are only choosing if they want search results to show cabin, house, etc.

All the description is left in other places. Any idea if the any the owners in your village are selecting house vs. cabin when setting up their listings?

Or another example: if someone has a bungalow. Sometimes they don’t know if they should choose house or bungalow. I guess it’s all something you’d have to play with and then you’d never really know unless it’s a dramatic difference in inquiries received. So many factors like time of year, if it’s your turn to be hidden/pushed by the site, etc…

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Meaning there is another listing called “Lost Cove Lodge” or someone else labeled theirs a lodge?

Are they even in Lost Cove? Maddening. But I think of a lodge as being big and commercial like a 3 story place at a ski resort.

Lost Cove Retreat maybe isn’t so descriptive of what kind of home style but I like the idea of a VR being a retreat.

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I have a cabin in the woods, it’s not a log cabin but whenever I have a choice I list it as a cabin. I would say yes, its a cabin list as a cabin.
Mine is 3 bed 2 bath built in 1938, all cabins are not 1 room