Should I leave an Ipad for guests to use?

Hello guys!
I’m writing to request some feedback from experienced Airbnb users (hosts and guests).

We are starting to share our apartment in Airbnb. I know this is not required by the platform but I was thinking to leave an Ipad for guest to use it.

Here is my thinking:

  • Somebody might find it useful to have access to technology and be able to search the Internet. I found that some guests use the Desktop version of Airbnb and they don’t even have a phone with Internet access.

-Some guest (if traveling from a different Country) don’t have Internet or maybe their data plan is not so good (or they need to pay Roaming charges)

  • It can also serve to showcase a “guestbook” with local recommendations for places and restaurants.

My “possible concerns”:

  • It is a delicate item, so maybe I need to purchase a good case/cover and a screen protector in case it is dropped.

  • Browsing history? I think I can’t control what a guest search on the Internet, so I don’t know if I’m looking to get “free problems” If someone feels offended if open the Safari and found something they don’t like. Maybe I need“clear” the history every time a guest check-out? (maybe I’m over-thinking this)

Maybe is a waste of money and guests will not appreciate it.

Would love to get some perspective here.

Thanks in advance!

I wouldn’t. It might disappear or be broken. Most guests bring their own electronics.


Do you have wifi? That is something pretty much every Guest wants.

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NO! Don’t. It will get stolen, broken or ruined. Offer WiFi. The people that rent from you likely have their own devices. Leave it at that. Plus, guests suck. They will screw it up for you so do as little as you need to get good reviews.


Good wifi is all you need. I’ve not had anyone stay who hasn’t come with their own phone/i-pad etc. They are fragile and vulnerable to theft, and without giving access, you are not responsible for other people’s searches.


No. We don’t even offer wifi as it won’t reach our granny flat. Everyone uses their own device.

No, everyone who needs Internet access will have their own device. Good WiFi is all you need.

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Another ‘no’ vote here, you may have to spend 20 minutes showing them how an iPad works. If they have their own, they’d bring it, as it is extremely portable.

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NO! If you can afford to have an iPad for guests, send it to me and I’ll take care of it. Otherwise it will be stolen!

If guests don’t travel with electronics, that is their problem. We offer to allow them to use the house printer to print boarding passes, if necessary, but not a computer.

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There is a listing here in my town that has offered an ipad for years and still do. (

An old tablet isn’t terribly valuable. I have an old kindle that I thought about putting in my guest room but at my price point with one nighters it doesn’t make sense to add something else I have to do. But if I had more international visitors or multi-nighters I’d consider it. You might offer it by request only. I had a guest who was mugged in LA and arrived to my rental with no phone. I lent her my old android that she could load the Chinese payment app onto and do some other stuff. Afterwords I reset it to factory to clear eveything off.

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I leave a bottle of red and a bottlle of white wine for every guest. Almost none of my guest drink them, but those who do are very pleased.

If you have an old iPad sitting around, do make it available. If you are thinking of buying one, get a refurbished old one.
People are not thieves.

The appearance of generosity adds a lot to guest satisfaction and you can up your price a few bucks for each amenity you offer.

I wouldn’t offer it as a ‘standard’ item in the room, because lots of things could happen with it. I would mention in your information leaflet that you can borrow an iPad for a limited amount of time (1-2 hours a day per room) OR offer the iPad when people are clearly in need.


No, no and no! You don’t know what they will browse for!

Wow, thanks so much for the quick responses!

Based on your feedback it seems that maybe we will have more troubles/issues by offering this rather than simplifying our lives and delight our guests. What could be a nice add/gesture from our side could end in a “not so good” experience.

Thanks a lot. We appreciate your input as experts/veterans in the short term rental market.


Why do people have this obsession with Ipads? If you want to lend them a virtual guest book with tourist and house info, which I think isn’t a bad idea, you can buy a decent Android tablet for around 100 euros or less.

If you are worried about what sites they might visit, you could always get a parenting app or turn on the parenting system.

There’s a tablet specifically designed for hosts/owners. It’s called “Your Welcome” ( You load information on it for your guests instead of paper manuals or signs. I know someone that has it, and she is very happy with it.

Most guests bring their own technology. If you have a guest who needs to access a website, have an older model they can use ON REQUEST. I’m of the school of thought, it is just one more thing that can be broken or go missing.

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