Should I give Guest a Review?

Check in for my property is between 12-6pm and Guests do not receive a refund if they cancel on the day of arrival

Guest had stated in advance that they would arrive between 2-3pm

However at 3:15pm, there was no sign of the guest, no text, no phone call, nada.

So I called the Guest. They did not answer. So I text them to ask where they were and what there ETA would be?

They then informed me that there transport to my property had been delayed and they’d get back to me later regarding there check in time

Well they didn’t contact me, so i called Airbnb at 5:30pm for them to find out when the guest would arrive and let them know that check in closes at 6pm

Shortly after my call to airbnb, the guest cancelled their booking as they realized that they wouldn’t make it in time

I then called the guest to inform them that i’d be willing to check them in outside of check in hours, as long as they could provide an ETA. Once again they did not answer the phone or return my call

The next day, i get a message from Airbnb asking whether i would be willing to offer the guest a refund. I refused

I have the option to leave the guest feedback. Should I do it?

My worry is that the guest my try to spite me by leaving a negative review as they did not get a refund

This is one of those situations where, if you do decide to review, it’d probably be best leaving any review to the last minute, and make it short and sweet. All you can really comment on is their communication, and indirectly on house rules.

If it was me, I’d probably wait to see if they reviewed before deciding what to do.

Bear in mind, if they do leave a “spiteful” review, it has to be factual and as they didn’t check in it cannot mention the property or amenities. If it does, it can be removed as it breaks the review guidelines.

Are they experienced guests with Airbnb? If not, high likelihood they won’t review.



Thanks for the comment.

I agree, probably best to have a review written up, in order to wait till the last moment, in case they post something.

In terms of experience, the guest signed up about 9 months ago, and they have three pieces of positive feedback. There poor communication leaves a lot to be desired though.

YES you should Review – Here’s all you need to say:

“Can’t say anything about Guests visit because they canceled at last minute. Guest’s communication was very poor prior to and on the day of arrival.”


Is this a whole house rental? If so, have you considered using a lock box? I feel that one has to be a bit flexible because as travelers, some things are beyond our control; cancelled or delayed flights, taxi and train strikes, road closures, etc.

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I agree with Ken but rather than “at last minute” I would be more specifid and say “late in the day they were to arrive”


Yes, you should always review guests without any fear of what they might say in their review. If you have this fear, then the guests are effectively holding you to ransom. You are in charge here, not them.

However, it does seem that you are a little unforgiving with your guests. There are many legitimate reasons why they can’t communicate during their journey or might be delayed.


Especially now. There’s a pandemic. If someone suddenly gets word that they are covid positive, have been exposed or a loved one is sick or dead, they might get distracted from communicating with their host.


That seems spiteful - why would you do that? If you’re delayed you’re delayed. You got the money didn’t you?

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