Should I decline this guest

I have a guy from Florida looking to book for a few days in September. He has no information on his profile and he tells me he will ‘pay in pounds’ when he arrives.

I had thought perhaps he is new and doesn’t understand the system (older guy).

However he has three positive reviews from someone else in Florida (who has lots of good reviews herself).

I have written back to him to confirm that as someone registered with BnB his payment will come through them and to ask him about his plans for his stay/why he chose my place but no response.

Should I decline? Should I flag with BnB?

Any thoughts? Thanks Helen

I find myself being a lot less tolerant of this kind of thing these days. If you messaged the guy and got no response I’d just decline and not give it another moments thought. My hunch is he’d be a pain in the rear end.


Is it a booking request or just an inquiry? If it’s a br decline. Otherwise you don’t need to do anything as you have already responded. You might want to report the user to air.

Thanks both for your advice. It was an actual booking, which I have now declined.

I feel if it was genuine he would have responded to me, following my questions - probably someone out for a cheap deal.