Should I ask my landlord for permission to host guests?

Hello! What is the protocol when it comes to airbnb and landlords?

Do you have an agreement with your landlord?
Do you rent out without telling them?


I would be honest about it because under some terms you are not allow to sublet you place unless you have permission to. So if he/she found out then you can be evicted on the spot (this happened to someone I know who did an AirBnb).

If you have any respect at all for your landlord and his or her property, then yes, you get their permission first.


Just as a heads up, I have never heard of a landlord being OK with a renter subletting on AirBNB. It increases the traffic and wear and tear on a unit and there’s no benefit to a landlord. I wonder if a landlord would agree for a cut of the profits but I’ve never heard of these scenarios, only of the ones where people get evicted.

Good luck!

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If you don’t care that you might be fined, sued and evicted for doing it without telling your landlord, then don’t tell them.
As a landlord of small rental apartments myself, I might be okay with it if I got a cut of the profits from AirBnB, but then again maybe the liability is too much. It would depend on my tenants’ behavior. If they were super responsible I might allow it, if they weren’t I wouldn’t. The tenant could provide the personalized service and furniture for AirBnB guests, but the landlord would have to pay for the utilities and insurance increase.