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Should I allow one night stands?


So we have gotten a request just now, and the potential guest seems very nice – HOWEVER – he was upfront about possibly bringing home some “friends” he meets.

Now the question is, would you let someone bring them home? At first thought my fear is that it will turn into like a love shack with random girls/guys coming in and out. However I thought about it some more and I can see it from his perspective as well – single guy in a new city for a month coming for work.

What would you do?


Turn this potential guest down. NO.


I vote NO too. We accepted one night stays when we started but once we had a bank of good reviews, we switched to a two night minimum. I think booty calls belong in a discrete hotel, not my home.


You’re renting a separate apt/condo, right? If he’s renting a separate place for a month and he’s saying that he may occasionally have overnight visitors, I don’t think it’s such an unreasonable request. Personally, I wouldn’t do it because it’s a very unpredictable thing about who he will be bringing home (even he doesn’t know who they are, really). But if you’re not a stickler, I take it to be a good sign that he’s upfront and honest. But it potentially opens the door to drinking, partying, etc.


Absolutely not. You should state in your rules that Only Registered Guests Allowed on Property.
If this guy fancies himself such a Casanova he can go to their places for hookups. Allowing people unknown to you on your property is asking for trouble. There’s just the basics of liability and security for starters.

I’m sure that my Worst Guest Ever would have been far better behaved and it would not have ended sooooooo badly for both of us had she not felt like it was within her rights to bring random strangers she met at a bar or the beach back to my home. The party started from there and she and her guests partied loudly, annoying me and my neighbors and damaging my furnishings and leaving things in shambles. I had to text to her to make sure she knew this guy could not stay. She never even asked if she could bring him over. But now I had a local guy who knew where I lived and what I have here and my whole setup. Not good.

Your rental agreement is between you and the guest whom you have screened. Strangers have ZERO obligation to be responsible or accountable to you.

Just say NO.


If it’s a self-contained space then let him know it’s alright if it’s limited to maybe one “friend” at a time due to the neighbors, etc. I mean…I don’t know who hooks up with a new person every single night of the month. He is there for work so hopefully won’t be partying every night.

If this is your shared space then No.


If it’s a separate space, I wouldn’t care. I would tell him that it’s not a party spot, but if he’s quiet and discreet, it would be fine. I wouldn’t want someone telling me how to live my life if I rented a space for an entire month, and it’s to his credit that he was upfront. If it’s a shared space, then no.


Hehe, wow, he even told you? Many people would not just say anything or ask if it’s a separate place.
I don’t know if I would forbid a guy to bring anyone. He was honest, that needs to be rewarded. He is renting already a place, and then he has to pay more to rent a hotel? It makes no sense. How would you know anyway if he didn’t tell you. If there will be no parties or excessive loudness I would agree to that


That’s what I mean! The guy is probably a chronic “Tinder” user and obviously expects a windfall during his stay. :slight_smile:

My advice stands. This is exactly the reason my guest from hell got herself so out of hand at my place. A local hookup. Plus… keep in mind… That local person now knows where you live, what you own, how to get in your house, what your passwords are, etc. etc. People who aren’t accountable to you can just ruin your stuff and leave. Your guest, someone who anticipates lots of overnight hookups, is well… they may not use the best judgment in picking up women. They may be out drinking, stumbling home to your place… Those women may be drunk, floozies, drug users… or…ladies of the night. Yes that is the worse case scenario but…as an experienced host, you’ve already thought of just about all the worst case scenarios when renting your home on Air… So… I don’t know…

Need I go on?

I vote no. No benefit to you Tommy. Just potential trouble.


What us tinder?. May be the guy needs to find a hook up with a her own place:)


LOL! Yana, you’ve been married too long obviously. :slight_smile:
Tinder is a dating app where you “swipe right” if you want to meet someone. :slight_smile: And normally it is used for hookups. :slight_smile:

Read more here: http://www.marieclaire.co.uk/blogs/543941/tinder-the-online-dating-app-that-everyone-s-talking-about.html

I opened an account and got scared off, and closed it within a day. :slight_smile:


If it’s for hookups only why there is a place where you put your interests and hobbies, hehe? Guys must be very happy with this site


Wow thanks for the info! Yeah we’re going to tell him we are not comfortable with that.


I mean, I am SURE that they bill themselves as a dating app… but from what I hear and read, it’s the new pickup place. :slight_smile:


We have a policy that we have to know who is staying and who is not. The reservation says how many people and we stick to that. There’s also an additional fee for over a certain number of guests. We require a picture ID for all adults. So overnight guests that we meet and see their i.d. and if they are an extra person over the minimum number of people, we charge the extra amount.


i had one guest bring home a hookup without permission. i thought he was playing the porn channel on his tv while i was sitting on my couch having my morning coffee, lol! he left used condoms in the bedroom garbage and trash everywhere. after that i did as kona recommended and added a “no unauthorized guests” statement in my profile. it’s not just the liability issue. i kinda get skeeved out thinking i’ll have my mom sleeping on the same bed as multiple hookups? i have a mattress cover but still…


Are you talking about my guest who did exactly the same? Was he local? Hehe


Ewwwwwwwww, just ewwwwww.


you know it’s entirely possible yana. i haven’t heard from him since thank god. i’m wondering when the porn stars or hookers are gonna start showing up rofl.

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