Should "directly under flightpath" be included in Host's description?

I’m wondering whether to penalise a Host for not clearly stating that the property is located directly under the flight path (take offs) of an airport. Should we as guests take responsibility and be wary of booking near an airport? We could have tickled the underbellies of the planes! It was not stated in the description, and none of the first 10 guests mentioned it! Your thoughts please?

The host should state in the listing that it is directly under the flight path and that it can be very loud. I wouldn’t “penalize” the host, but I would mention in your review that the listing was under the flight path and the planes were loud. This is a favor to both the host and to potential guests as those who don’t want to be so close to the airport will book elsewhere.

If airplane noise bothers you, you should have asked before booking how loud the airplane noise is. FYI, in some cities (Los Angeles included) the city pays for noise abatement (double windows, etc.) for homeowners who are close to Los Angeles International Airport.

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It seems as though you chose a rental near the airport. If that is correct…hmmmm. Sometimes things are a “given”.


How much are they charging per night in comparison to houses in the area not under the flight path, and did it affect you indoors? I grew up right off a runway, and outdoors you could tell, but indoors it was quiet. Plus, people who live there probably are noise blind at that point and don’t even think about it. People have houses in the country, city and everywhere in between and all have their own kinds of noises. Only if it affects your sleep or if it’s marketed as a quiet, serene getaway would you really have anything to contact AirBnB about. And even quiet, serene getaways have noise.

And, if you looked at the map when booking you would be able to see the proximity to the airport.

Good advice above. If the planes are flying low enough to be a nuisance, then the rental must have been close to the airport - something that guests ought to take into account when booking.

Personally I would put the information in the listing but as @Sarah_Warren says, people become deaf to noises in their own homes. I lived right by a railway line once. I never heard the trains and I thought that being 55 minutes away from my front door to Central London was a good thing.

I wasn’t hosting at the time but had I been, I might have been more likely to stress the convenience than the noise - as I never noticed it myself. Anecdotally, I once lived in a house that had many antique clocks bonging and chiming a lot - my sister came to stay and didn’t sleep a wink because of them. I never noticed them.

And I agree with Ellen’s comment below.

That’s the best way to deal with it. Write a review mentioning the positives of your stay then mention the flightpath issue. After all, the host can’t move their home to another location.

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