Short term rentals in nyc, more cracking down


Not sure about the building in the article, but most buildings built before the 1940s in NYC don’t have certificates of occupancy, so it’s not as shocking a thing as non locals might think.

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Lol, NYC (Manhattan) is such an elite-pain in the neck-nitpicking overpriced headache. It’s not built to favor anyone who struggles with money. You are either rich or tough luck.
Sad, but that’s just how it is. I wonder the person who reported to the cops about their Airbnb activities, how accomplished must be feeling (it’s probably an old snobbish woman). Blah

Ageist much? Disgusting.


Lol, ageism wasn’t really the point of that sentence, but rather, it is a common thing for older people who don’t work to sit home and watch what everyone is doing in the building.
Please don’t push political correctness cancer on my otherwise, good comment. Didn’t mean to push a nerve…

Take a deep breath and please, chillax…

Older people I know are dancing, learning, eating out, travelling, sailing, going out to see a play, enjoying a festival, running, playing sport, or having fun with family and friends.

If you are making what you feel is a good comment, why spoil it with negative stereotyping?

None of us know anything about who reported the listing. Why make assumptions based on some unfair prejudices?


This is what I always say to this kind of comment: we aren’t all talented, beautiful, funny, rich, smart, or whatever else society values but one thing for sure; we will all either be old or prematurely dead. I’ll take old.


I’ve actually found that younger people were more likely to complain. I’ve had a tenant from my building find me on the Airbnb app and send me a message about my guests MULTIPLE times. It just depends on the neighbor in my opinion.

In my experience most bad reviews I got from older people though some were from
Really young, and mostly females . I found that guys are more easy going and more generous with good comments

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It was probably me who complained. You know, the resident of the building who lives here and supports the law.

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Yes, I agree with AliaGee, this is the most common situation of building in NYC.