Short term rental proposed regulation- DC

I am interested in talking with other Washington, D.C. Hosts regarding the proposed regulation. I would to have a list of hosts in order to work in an organized manner. For contact info, please look up the Swann Street Gallery.

I am, but this is a short-term thing for me. If your aim is to fight against the reg, then I might try and contact the air public policy department. I am sure you could just google them and ask if they have a grassroots campaign you can join. I think they have community organizers on the ground in some places.

Thanks for your note. I have not been able to make contact with anyone at Airbnb.
Marcy Logan

OK. I have a friend on that team who is visiting in about a week. Let me query them and I’ll reply back here.

Jillian Irvin
Public Policy at Airbnb. An experienced lawyer changing regulations to support disruptive technologies.
Washington, District Of ColumbiaPublic Policy

Public Policy Director
July 2015 – Present (1 year 10 months)
● Hired and manage a team consisting of communications, community organizers, public policy and external lobbying staff with a budget of 1.3 million dollars.
● Oversee Airbnb’s public policy priorities, positions, and strategies throughout Eastern North America.
● Tailor legislative strategies to the unique audience of state and local policymakers in each market to ensure successful passage of priority legislation or amendments.
● Negotiate language for legislation and advocate for or against initiatives and pending legislation and plan necessary defensive strategies and tactics to address problematic or adversarial legislative efforts.
● Speak at conferences throughout the United States on behalf of Airbnb and attend national and international events.
● Advise internal teams on legal and public policy matters to guide development of products and services.
● Maintain relationships with an extensive network of contacts in local, regional and national legislative, executive and administrative offices, as well as with allied groups and coalition partners.

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Thank you, JAM. I look forward to hearing from you again.

Marcy Logan

Hey Marcy - Friend coming tomorrow, I haven’t forgotten about you! But, did you see that Air sent us an email today about the 4/26 hearing??

The DC City Council will hold a public hearing on April 26th at 10am to discuss Councilmember McDuffie’s anti-home sharing bill. This bill is far overreaching and threatens the livelihood of our host community and the economic vitality of our neighborhoods across the eight wards.
Some of the troubling restrictions could include:
• A 15-day cap for hosts and $7,000 fines for “violators.”
• A cumbersome registration and permitting process.

Also - marcy, what ward are you? if 3, you should write to Mary Cheh’s people. When DC revamped its taxes a few years ago (remember the infamous Yoga Tax?), I wrote to them and actually they were super responsive and did change my mind about it. I’ve moved and I am in McDuffie’s ward… ugh.

I wonder if they are taking such a maximalist position for better negotiation?? So, we end up at 75 days, not 15, like in SF?

I mean, I am a temporary ABBer thanks to our, ahem, president - so I don’t have a ton of skin in this game, but, I do thank ABB for enabling me to keep paying my mortgage.

Hey Sweep 27,

Thanks for all your info. I did attend the hearing. My impression is that Councilman McDuffy was shocked at the variety of testimonies. There are lot of “little guys,” including the other side of the river, who count on Airbnb to help make ends meet. We are not exactly gorging on Airbnb. I have two Airbnb units in the house I live in that are really cute. Maybe I will be saved by being a “live in.” Fingers crossed. I am not sure what the next step is but I will definitely find out.