Short term rental insurance in Virginia

I know this has been discussed before, but…

I have a guest suite within my house and am trying to find insurance for my house in Virginia. Went through Progressive to be told that none of their insurers would do Short term insurance.

Anyone have any tips as to where I should look.

Have you asked Proper?

Some here have purchased insurance from Allstate that they were happy with.

Looking at Proper now, thank you.

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Call an insurance Broker – not an Agent, a Broker. Ask them to find you a company which will do STR insurance in your county. Here in Florida, Proper is the last company one would choose – too dang expensive.

Shop your insurance every year, because rates change every year.


Proper, almost $2000 per year. Think I’ll give it a pass.

I used Proper in MA because they were the only vendor. Very expensive but…

I saw in this forum that someone in my state was using Allstate. It was because my suite was on the second floor of my home where I live and I don’t rent out when I’m not home.

The coverage is not quite as good as Proper (bed bugs, closed Airbnb due to bedbugs, property fix and more coverage for guests who purposely cause damage) but none of these issues would have caused me to lose my home if I had to file a claim so I went with them. It was about 1/3 less than Proper.

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If State Farm writes in Virginia, check them out. They have added STR rider to their homeowners policy.

Just make sure that the rider provides you with liability coverage in the event that the guest sues you, and understand the amount of coverage you have.

More than 80% of suits against Hosts are for trips and falls. Even if you’re successful in the suit the legal fees are easily $50,000+.

Thank you all for your help.