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Short term rental freedom act

Does anyone have experience with their local governments and a similar act? Missouri has passed this, which protects AirBNB hosts from restrictive local laws as long as the hosts live on the property as well. I would guess that as long as we claim all income and pay taxes on it we would be protected?

We were specifically told by our inspector when we bought our house and talked about what our plans were with our “mother-in-law” apartment above the garage that as long as we did not set it up as a long-term, permanent residence for income we could let people stay up there short term, or of course our own family members could live there all they want.

I just was wondering if anyone had experience with this. I’ve always followed the law and yet also have the mind-set that if it’s my home and I’m willing to live with these people and pay the taxes, etc, it’s up to me as long as I’m not breaking noise ordinances, disturbing neighbors, etc.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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There is far less trouble for those who own and reside in the home where they are renting a room or in-law suite.

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That’s good to know. I figure I get the best of both worlds, it’s not part of my house, so I’m not living with these people, but it’s on my property and I can easily manage and keep on top of things. I’ve already gotten set up to pay taxes to the county, so as long as I stay on top of things I would hope I’ll be okay. I’ve seen that there are a few people in my municipality who have been hosting for awhile, and the only things I’ve been able to find locally is “approved lists of in-home businesses”, it’s all so confusing. But I know the state itself is protecting AirBNBs.

I wonder whether I am classed as 'living on the property? This is a small apartment building (10 units) and I live in one and the rental is another one. So am I ‘living in the property’? I guess so.

But are you the owner or do you rent out both units? I think they’re trying to crack down on people taking up rentals and profiting over someone else’s property? I own a rental house 2 miles away and my husband and I are considering furnishing it and turning it into an ABB down the line as long as it would fit within our municipalities zoning codes. But I’ll slightly bend local laws as long as I’m obeying state laws since I live on the property and am short-term renting part of my home. But I wouldn’t feel comfortable bending the rules for my rental house even though I own it because since I’m not right there it would be harder for me to monitor guests and could be an inconvenience to my neighbors.

Neither are rented. I own my own apartment and my partner owns the rental. No landlords involved :slight_smile:

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Then make money on it! :slight_smile:

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