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Short Term Property Management Company Reviews


I tried doing a search on the forum but it hangs and doesn’t give results for hours.

  1. Does anyone have an experience using these companies?
    Turnkey VR
    My VR Host
    Stay Alfred
    Effortless Rental Group

I’ve had it rented with a local PM under his account for 2.5 years in Indianapolis (I live several states away). I’m looking for another PM or company.

I tried rented.com and didn’t get a response.

I tried Evolve and they were very responsive, but he only gave me one cleaning person’s info and didn’t have any other PMs in that area (2years ago).

I’ve heard of Pillow, but haven’t heard of any of the others. I saw that there was some class-action lawsuit on Vacasa

  1. What are your thoughts on renting it through someone elses account (esp the superhosts) vs. them doing it through your account? I also see that airbnb doesn’t have the cohost (shows up as “page not found”) feature. Am I missing anything?

Thank you in advance.


I would never host through someone else’s account @VRinCoolCities - when you change co-host as you are doing now you will lose all the reviews and ratings you have built up over the last two years or so and will have to start from scratch.

If I was looking for a co-host I would much prefer a local superhost or host with mainly five star reviews .

You haven’t been able to find co-hosts through Airbnb for a couple of years.

See if there is a local host group you can post on and ask for recommendations

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Thank you Helsi.

Unfortunately, the PM I used would have charged an additional 10% if he were to cohost from my account (I guess he really wanted the ratings).

I saw an admin flag when a PM was posting that they’re available. I’m pretty new to this forum, so I’ll dig around.

Thank you!


It’s absolutely outrageous for a PM to charge a host more to list on the host’s account. It is no more work for them and they know they are doing the host a dis-service because the host is then tied to them for fear of losing their ratings.

I do hope you leave them a honest review on Google/Trust Pilot to warn other hosts of this very poor practice @VRinCoolCities


I would give them a bad rating if they were dishonest about it, but it’s in their contract and you know about it before you sign. Yes, it’s annoying, but I made that choice. Part of the reason why I’m looking for another one after trying it for a while.

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