Short term property insurance does not cover infrequent minor labor help

Well, you could be, anyone can sue anyone for anything…but I’m talking about PAID help, even tho very infrequent. There should be a protection for that occasional help most of us need now and again.
I’m checking into some other carriers, as it seems in the last two years, some traditional homeowners policy only companies have started to see the light. When I started, my company was going to cancel me, and would not allow me to have ‘separate’, concurrent, or additional short term insurance on just the cabin…So I was forced to go elsewhere…Hopefully Monday will provide more answers and options whereby occasional manual labor would not be a risk for a property owner with a short term rental.
It’s ironic, we are actually carrying commercial insurance, but can’t hire anyone for 16 hours a year without some kind of additional, prohibitive coverage…Hopefully there is something out there.

And I agree, especially with this person, who is nearly like family, there is little to no risk, I doubt very much there would ever be an issue, and of course I’d help if he was injured as much as I could. But the possibility is still out there and can make one nervous…and then again, when I can’t use him any longer, I’d have to have someone I don’t really know…then the risk goes up.

Cheap is not referring particularly to you. Everything else you said does not apply. I had a contracting business in the past. You do not understand workmen comp or insurance.

How much you pay, getting a waiver, they supply the tools, call them independent contractors, looking the other way or hoping, “I didn’t know” and all the other stuff goes out the window once someone is badly hurt.

It doesn’t matter about the good old days or what is unfair or anything else.

You even mention the risk. That is exactly what I am talking about.

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I am wondering if you can buy very cheap, daily coverages for your senior friend at a modest price for those few days a year. (Vs. the full $700 policy)


Contractor’s Work Liability | Buy Instantly From $29/month‎

Another option: Find a local laborer staffing agency and “hire” your friend through them so he is covered:


Klatchers, apparently you are misunderstanding the situation I’ve described …and I’ve been a contractor for many years in the past and I DO understand workmans comp and insurance. Having had a horse operation as well, I understand a variety of insurance products, believe me, been there done that…and I understand what people can sue for and how they win on occasion even when the suit is frivolous… It’s why I’m looking for a vehicle to eliminate most of that risk…and I believe that in this day and age of lawsuits over anything, there should be a product for the situation I describe to protect both parties.
You’ve avoided answering my query about what would you suggest to accomplish the simple tasks that I face on a regular basis as regarding who to hire??? If I cannot hire the local high school or college kid, or the senior citizen trying to earn a few extra dollars, without risk AND without an affordable protective product, then how do I accomplish getting these things done?

and I don’t know who else you’d be referring to other than me, since I brought up the subject of hiring this gentleman.
He could hardly be classified as an ‘independent’ contractor. to anyone…let alone me… You’re making a big deal out of a simple situation that is searching for a solution. And risk vs probability is always a factor in EVERYTHING you do, like when you get in your car? And you can discuss risk vs outcome in this discussion without the references to ‘under the table’, ‘on the cheap’, looking the other way, and I didn’t know that are all veiled negative comments directed at people like myself who are certainly not engaging in any of those things.
No further need to discuss, will be contacting some agencies that ‘appear’ to have softened on the ‘no short term rental’ posture they’ve taken in the past…Perhaps there is something there that can solve this . If I find anything useful, I will update.

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well, thanks for the links…however, contractors liability is not workmans comp. and he wouldn’t want to do the labor staffing thing, too much trouble I suspect for the limited amount of work he wants to do, and plus, he wouldn’t accept most of their offers as he’s semi retired and likes it that way!

I have to eat goat here. Parter contractor DOES confirm that he is responsibility for everything. And that there WAS an accident once where a worker lost teeth. He ended
Zip drywalling the dentist’s home.

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lol…no harm no foul