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Short Term Guest requests stay longer at residence

So child can go to school in this area

Did any guest ask a host the same thing? Just curious, i quickly declined, extension of stay, said room was prebooked.

Of course I would decline any guest inquiry where they are trying to establish residency. AirBNB is for short term home shares only, not for anything longer term. In fact, I restrict my stays to 2-14 days. I don’t actually feel that I need to offer a reason either when declining.


Perfect, Good Info for me. Thanks

Please be aware that any stay longer than 30 days can confer tenant rights on guests. If they decide to squat then you will need to go to court to evict them as they are now entitled to due process.

Although guests can still claim tenancy for shorter stays, 30 days seems to be the magic number.

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Suggest they rent an inexpensive room and get a lease. I did that years ago to get my kids into a school I wanted for them. I rented a basement apt., had electric in my name and drivers license changed and would go by weekly to pick up mail. It was less expensive than private school and I was able to stay in a home I had previously rented where my neighbors were the best.

I don’t dare to keep the guest in my room longer than 29 days. There are some people who have no money but stay in your room and they threat the host if they send them out the room wil be drilled

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