Sheets—again. Bamboo poly blend

I have 400 count 100% cotton sheets in my rental. (No, I do not iron them). It’s time to purchase new. There’s deal of $30 king 800 count 60% polyester & 40% bamboo sheets

Are these comfortable? I don’t like 100% micro fiber/polyester at all. Does the bamboo make these more comfortable?

Bamboo might be fine but I would never buy sheets or towels or anything for that matter with polyester. Nasty feeling to sleep below.

My waterproof mattress cover is all bamboo, but one is not sleeping with it next to your skin.


One of the sites that often (not always) corresponds to my independent research is the (they also have

Here’s what they say about bamboo sheets:


nope nope nope
anything with polyester nope
one of the more expensive ones on the Spruce list can’t decide if it is cotton bamboo or viscose. I guess bamboo can be viscose??


I understand. But bamboo sheets do not have polyester, right?

I agree. That horse has been beaten to death. Yet still folks persist.

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there are some in the list at Spruce that are 100%. Not the one op is talking about.

No polyester, even when it keeps sheets from wrinkling. I have one pair I bought when I wanted to deviate from my Target 400TC Performance sheets and never again.

If anyone has any idea on where to buy bulk 100% cotton pillowcases, I’d love to know about it, especially if it’s off Amazon. I only have one rental, but almost ready to open the second half of my duplex, so I’m still not up to those bulk orders of 100 pillowcases off of hotel websites.

@JJD recommended this place several years ago and she said at that time that they would sell pillowcases in packs of 12. Maybe she can pop in and confirm that she is still happy with them.


Absolutely still happy with them. We still order all of our linens there, just got a 12-pack of fitted sheets last week.

They have stuff for all kinds of businesses so @shinylizard you’ll want to go the hospitality textiles to hotel bed sheets and you can search there in a section for 100% cotton. Depending on the specific pillowcases you choose you can usually order a pack of 12 or a case of 144. Many of them also have single samples if you want to have a closer look before choosing.


Oooh, thank you so much!

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Viscose is more of a process, rather than a specific base material, as it can be made from various plant materials. This is pretty informative:

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Something else to consider is that stains are more easily removed from 100% cotton. They are harder to remove from poly or poly-blends. So any upfront savings will probably be lost due to stains that can’t be removed.


I would steer clear of bamboo sheets. They can be impossible to remove stains from, they pill, and they run warm. I don’t think they would be to the majority of guests’ taste.


Leviticus 19:19. “…nor shall you wear a garment of cloth made of two kinds of material”. I feel this applies not just to garments but to bed sheets and includes polyester cotton blends. And also bamboo cotton blends. Don’t at me, I don’t make the rules.


I used to not have anything that wasn’t a natural material. Clothing, bedding, whatever.
Then a few years ago a friend gave me a high quality fleece throw, which of course is 100% polyester.

I accepted it graciously, but thinking I’d never use it- I don’t use throws, for one thing, nor synthetic materials.

But being a small person, it is large enough for me to use as a blanket, and I found it to be the warmest, coziest thing I’ve ever had. As it is warm most of the year where I live, no one has heating. The winter after she gave it to me was unusually cold, and I fell in love with that thing. I’d be shivering, my teeth chattering, and the instant I wrapped it around me I was warm.

But I have to say I never understood all these outdoorsy types who only eat organic and are big on rhetoric about saving the planet, all wearing fleece and spandex.

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Not to mention that while bamboo is a natural material, the chemical process to turn it into cloth is environmentally unsound.

Most people are so swayed by marketing, they just take things at face value, without doing any research.

Years ago my daughter had some shampoo and conditioner that boasted “Gluten-free!”, which I thought was hilarious. (She didn’t buy it for that reason, she bought it because it was on sale)
I was mentioning it to a friend, how ridiculous that was, and she said quite seriously, “But if someone is allergic to gluten, that would be good for them”.

I had to explain that gluten isn’t absorbed through your skin, and even if it was, that has nothing to do with gluten intolerance, which isn’t an allergy at all, but a lack of enzymes to digest gluten in one’s alimentary tract. Which only is the case in 1% of humans, yet somehow it seems that 50% of people now think gluten is some kind of poison that they shouldn’t eat.


I’m trying to update my rental’s look. New furniture is too much to consider so I’m changing accessories (“the difference between us & the animals is the ability to accessorize.” -Steel Magnolias).

I just added thin IKEA fleece throws in the trendy ocean blue to my listing. A friend who tends to be cold at under 80 degrees F loves them. Soft, thin, lightweight & just enough warmth.

She can stay comfortable, while the rest of us are looking to see if the fan can spin a bit faster in the hot, hot humid summers.

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do NOT get. me. started. on. this. topic!!

again Miss S, 100% agree. those microfleece things are the best thing ever when you’re cold, and i know in our airbnb, even when it’s freezing, all you have to do is put that fleece under the sheet (we leave it on top) and you’ll be sweating inside, even when it’s 2º outside. We have put electric throw blankets (also microfleece) in the wardrobe but I personally don’t think they are necessary.

Layering with textile and texture. Always a winning choice!

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