She needs to cancel; said location fell off my listing the money and she’ll rebook later

My husband mentioned he couldn’t find our listing…
Then I asked my adults kids to look too;
We discovered that airbnb knocked off our listing location

The last reservation I received was March 30th; I made the dreaded call to super host support who directed me to a website for longitude and latitude…the gal is on the phone with me and said she needed it…then my screen freezes with a Microsoft fake pic saying call this phone number… of course I know better than that ( it’s a hack/scam) but I had to hard turn off my laptop bc I could not exit from it. Lots of anxiety over that too.

Then support writes me no worries I did it for you ( adding location ) case closed. It was not done and did this 2x on inbox and also called twice. Don’t bother asking for a manger anymore. Support does not know what that is. Then I tried a 5 th time and actually got some asst from a knowledgeable support person who actually fixed my locator.

However I am Trying to get Airbnb asst bc my listing was basically off for minimum of 5 weeks… now I have very few reservations and this is high season in Nashville

Any suggestions please. Has this happened to others?


I think you need to edit your title and question. The title doesn’t make sense at all and doesn’t seem to be related to what is in the body of your post.

The part I think I understand is at the end. You want suggestions on what to do because you have no bookings during Nashville’s busy season?

Airbnb can’t help you so don’t waste any more time with them. Set a maximum of 1 to three nights so you can get multiple short bookings. The busier you are, the busier you will be. Open up your whole calendar for the next three months and lower your price if it’s not competitive. I’m not advocating anything unreasonable, just slightly less than your competition.

Check your listing every day. Adjust your price, make sure your pictures are up to date. You can’t just set up an Airbnb listing and forget about it. Things like you seem to be describing sometimes happens. You are responsible for managing your listing.

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Thank you Yes I tried to edit that and it would not allow me too.

Welll after hosting for over 5 years I don’t expect them to
Lose my location. I do think they too have a responsibility to insure theirs hosts are not having issues. I’m guessing they have had some update.

It was also quite scary for me to have my computer freeze up as I followed her directions for longitude and latitude.

However the real problem is bad customer service. Also my promotion has only 32 views after 5 weeks. Is that normal?

I agree they should make your listing unavailable or change your location but I don’t know how you make up for 5 weeks unlisted.

I don’t know, every listing and city is different.

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I think that it’s important here to remember that Airbnb is an advertising platform and that advertisers don’t have ‘rights’.