Sharing Settings under Calendar Synch

So a few weeks ago I edited my setting here as I understood that by so doing I would receive information about prospective guests who looked at my listing but booked elsewhere.

I selected the ‘default’ of Booking details that Airbnb explains " Find out more about the listings your potential guests are checking out. If you share some details about your listing and bookings with other Hosts, you can see the listings that guests end up booking after checking out your place . . . You’ll see the booking details (booked prices, dates, and number of guests), but not the listing titles and photos. Other Hosts will get either your listing details or your booking details, but not both at the same time."

But I have not received any information. This could mean that no one who looked at our listing booked elsewhere (hard for me to believe) or perhaps that this setting is not functional. Does anyone know? Any recommendations on this setting? I elected 'Booking Details" but I could have selected:
Listing and booking details
You’ll see the listing titles and photos, and the booking details (booked prices, dates, and number of guests). Other hosts will get this same information from you.

I never shared, but I suspect that it only works when other hosts allow sharing, and I’ll bet that few of them do.

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I do opt to share, but like the OP I haven’t seen anything shared with me. I don’t even know where to look for that information.

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