Sharing positive feedback from memorable guests, long after they've gone

In the 2.5 years that I have been a host, I have had some very nice guests. Does anyone follow up at a later time with previous guests?

I sent out notes to some of my previous guests, just to check-in and see how they are doing. Here are some of their responses:

From C - “I’ve thought of you too. Lots of stories to tell. And yes, still have the bike and loving it.” When I suggested that we meet over coffee and share stories (he lives in the area now), he replied “We’ll break out the tequila.” (At the end of a busy week while he was staying with me, we chatted over hor d’oeuvres and margaritas.)

From L “… I miss our talks it was mind bubbling just what I like ;)) I hope you are fine and that you keep meeting interesting people from all around the world. A and I sure miss you and I will make sure that he knows that you asked about him. Take care !”

From A "…So funny you messaged me, I was thinking about you as well! :slight_smile: Life is grand. […] I have the fondest memoirs of my stay in California thanks to you! :heart: "

From R “…I was also thinking about you this week! After I left ur place, I briefly went back to Montreal […] Hope all is well on ur end, let me know if there’s anything new. Keep in touch, say hi to Brian and RUTH and call me, whenever, miss you and your witty humor.”

A reminder of one of the reasons I enjoy doing this.


I have a lot of guests write to me, saying hi or wondering when they could be back, or just telling me what is happening with them. Also, usually reiterate how much fun was their stay.

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