Shared or not shared rooftop

Hello everyone,

So I have a big dilemma and would get some feedback from you guys:

I am currently managing a whole complex which has 4 units and two rooftops. I am almost done setting up both rooftops. Each rooftop will have a really well decorated terrace type area with couches and a table along with a dinning area. I would like to know if it would be more convenient to have each rooftop designated for two apts or have two apts with its private rooftop and the other two without it.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Personally I would make them available to all four. It’s unlikely that two groups of people would want to use the same rooftop at the same time. If they do, then it’s party time :slight_smile:


Depends on: The size of each rooftop and the max. occupancy of each apartment.

If the rooftops are big enough so you can create like maybe two seating areas for max. occupancy I would definitely open it up for all 4 apartments.


Personally, I think it’s awkward sharing amenities with strangers

I would do it for 2 and up the rate - that way the guest can choose if they want the amenity or the price point

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I wouldn’t mind. A lot of buildings around here have shared rooftop decks. What about a swimming pool? Those would usually be shared right? Or a gym?

I would allow the rooftop to be shared with both parties! I stayed at a cool hotel in Ft Lauderdale a couple of months ago that had a shared rooftop area. We used it a couple of times and once we had it to ourselves and the other time there were two people. There were plenty of seating areas. I agree that sharing a rooftop are is much like sharing a pool, gym or even a lounge area at a hotel. Plus, I think the guests who would be open to sharing a rooftop may be less uptight than ones who would be offended by it.



I think it would depend on the number of guests you accommodate in each unit. If it is 4 or more, the rooftop terrace would probably be suitable for one group because of the one dining table (and perhaps a grill?). If each unit is for 2 or 3 guests and there are two seating areas and dining tables, then two units would be able to happily share the facilities.

Otherwise, if one group is occupying some of the sofa space and have their food items on the one dining table, a second group of guests would see that the space is occupied and retreat.

If there is a grill on the rooftop, then I would limit to two apartments.

Do you have any rules about your guests inviting friends over? You don’t want one set of guests planning to invite friends over and take over the rooftop. Or what if two groups have the same idea, and now two large groups are there? I guess in that case…like @jaquo said…it could be party time :joy: