Shameless Ask: What do you think of my listing?

Wow, 12 reviews and superhost already!
Can’t offer in advice (you clearly don’t need it :grinning:) except to add that “reaching out” also annoys me.


Australia, Yeah :slight_smile: I spoiled the initial guests a bit with snacks and such so they’d give great reviews. Thanks

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A fantastic listing. I don’t really like “On arguably the best street in Highland Park”… though - maybe because I’ve never heard of the area (sorry) and I don’t know what you mean by “best”.
You say later that “Eagle Rock and Highland Park were recently named “top of the trendiest neighborhoods” nationwide”. Maybe incorporate that into your first line.


Hyper: Thanks, I will noodle on that. I appreciate the observation.

That’s great advice, @hypertokyo. Often times I read these listings and don’t know what about their area makes it special.


Well, my main comment is that I’m annoyed that my daughter and family didn’t book your place for their August stay in LA!

It looks great and you’ve obviously got this host thing pretty sussed - I like your nicely personalised comments to your guests’ reviews. It’s a nice touch which I always mean to do but sometimes am too lazy …

Just one tiny point: having used the abbreviation 2br in your title, I think you could write it out in full in About this Listing (2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom) - can’t remember if there’s a character limit, but remember that abbreviations like this aren’t always comprehensible to non-native speakers of US English. Also, it looks better!

And you’ve gathered that we have a zero-tolerance policy towards “reaching out” on this forum!


Thanks Mala, great point.

I think your place looks great and have only some small recommendations:
-a pic of the sofa bed
-a pic of the toilet and main areas with less up close decor as suggested by another already
-I’m a bit confused about your kitchen, you mention its “fully stocked” with “everything you could need” etc and have a picture of pasta etc but you don’t really list any food just a few basic condiments and cooking equipment. Are you providing food for people, breakfast provisions etc or not? For the price I would be providing some basic breakfast at least and if you are not providing foods which some may think you are, I would update your listing to be clearer
-you provide a lot of basic toiletries but toothpaste is not mentioned, I would add this, its a common necessity
-the multiple mentions of insurance got a little annoying, I think one mention would be enough and then your house rules, it kind of sounds like you are trying to blame insurance when I get the sense you want this rules anyways so to me, it comes across a bit disengenuous.

These are just my suggestions and no listing is going to be perfect, we all have different tastes and expectations and you seem to be doing very well so I would be proud of myself if I were you.

Thanks Emily. Great observations. FYI: The pictures shown were the Airbnb photographer’s so I went with those. I was thinking about supplementing them but am terrible at taking photos. I will try to take a few that look somewhat similar to the professional’s pics.