Shady guest right now..Roommate is annoyed and about to tell her to leave...Help?

I have only ever had good experiences with hosting but I have a guest right now who I feel uncomfortable having in my home.

First of all, I do not have instant book on. Her boyfriend messaged me on the website and said he’s going to be paying for her stay – but it was a photo of her and she looked like a really nice woman. So I went along with it. I was a little skeptical at first but not so much to where I felt I had to reject this stay.
So she arrives and doesn’t much look like her photo. She then won’t stop incessantly talking to me while I’m doing things. She told me she was born in Italy and speaks fluent Italian…I’ve been studying Italian for 5 years and started speaking to her in it and she had no idea what I was saying and continued to change the subject whenever I brought it up. Aside from this she said she has a Masters in Business with a minor in Psychology yet she is very uneducated sounding and works as a cashier in a restaurant and is struggling to find a second job. All the while keeps complaining about how she had a roommate for 2 weeks and how she tried to control her…

When my roommate came home he told me that he’s seen her on the street as a homeless person. He is now at a point to where he’s fed up with her and wants her out of the house and is about to tell her that she has to leave and I’m not sure what to do.

Oh and on top of this, his dog, Shelby, who’s a total sweetheart and has never had problems with other guests but this one…she growled at her when she was petting her.

Please help with some advice!

How long is her reservation?

Just 2 nights but 2 minutes with her has been rough as is. I’m also really worried to leave my house because I’m afraid she’s going to steal something…

Most people here would advise against third party bookings and it’s a violation of airbnb policy. I would call them immediately and start now on getting her out of your home.


The profile is of her though…I hope that the messages will warrant enough though. Thank you for the advice!

The only thing I’d be concerned about is the dog… I don’t trust people who dogs don’t like! And the homeless thing.
Other than that she just sounds a bit immature. Making things up, trying to impress you. Annoying but really not that bad. Personally I’d stick it out for 2 days


Completely agreed about the dog part.
I’m on the fence between wanting to kick her out and sticking it out mostly because I feel bad for her. Thanks for the input

Me too. I really don’t see what the problem is?

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Well, if there is no misrepresentation of who is there then you probably don’t have much of a case. I’d be concerned if she really was homeless because you don’t want her to stay and become a squatter. But if she’s just annoying you probably just have to put up with it.

She was trying to stay longer but I have guests already booked for the day after she leaves (thank god) but she asked me “do you really have guests coming?” like she didnt believe me…

My friend expressed concern of her scouting my house for stuff to steal or break in another time since she lives in the area and is just looking for a new living situation and she won’t stop telling me how “amazing” all my things are…

@sissyyee. I think I would listen to that inner voice. If something feels wrong, it probably is. If you are uncomfortable and think there is a chance that this person will make copies of your keys (etc), get in touch with AirBNB. Your peace of mind and personal safety are the most important things there is.


I think she might be too dumb to do that but I am going to get in touch with them. Thanks

Change your locks, and tell her dog guards house.

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I agree trust your gut, and especially since she lives in the area.

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I agree with this 100%.

Someone who makes us such grandiose lies has serious issues. This is not child’s play.

Best of luck and keep us posted.

I echo the others here, go with your gut.
Is this her first night? What is your check out time?
Aside from being annoying, has she violated any of your house rules?
You said that it is her profile on Airbnb - is there anything that doesn’t add up? You mentioned that her credentials don’t seem to match or reflect your experience with her (speaking vs. not speaking Italian). Note the discrepancies and rule violations, no matter how small, and call Airbnb. Let them know that you want to end her stay as soon as possible. They may ask you to end it at the check-out time tomorrow.

I never accept bookings from people who live in the same town as me for this reason. it’s always drama.

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I think your comments are a bit harsh and out of place. A third party is paying, but it is her profile… Anyone’s credit card can be used on Airbnb, and we would never even know that it doesn’t match the profile. In this case, however, the payer contacted the host using the messaging system and the guests profile.

I know and agree. I’ve withdrawn the post. I plead Grumpy Host Syndrome.


I agree… unless I have a way to verify who they are outside of Airbnb or get lots of background information… which I was able to do in a couple of particular cases. One was a local contractor, who was well rated on Yelp. Turned out that he was going through a trial separation from his wife an need some place to stay locally. I really like him. The other time, it was a couple who were also going through a separation. The kids stayed at home and the parents traded off. They rented a room for two months and towards the end, I hardly saw them. Things got better at home, so they didn’t need to crash at my place much the last couple of weeks.