SF landlords - new options?

Hi - I’ve been an Airbnb host who about 2 years now in the SF bay area for a while and know that a majority of listings are being removed. Has anyone tried any other options and what has your experience been?

I’ve tried VRBO, but haven’t had a high success rate, and have recently started working with a smaller company called HomeSuite - it seems good so far since they’re filling my units, but would want to see if anyone has any feedback.


@Lucasfitz as you know landlords are not allowed to list ANY unit for Short Term Rentals without being in violation of the Short Term Rental Ordinances. Only the owner’s primary residence is allowed to be rented for short term use. Air Bnb is only removing listings of hosts that have multiple listings in SF, since they could not all be your primary residence. You can however rent for 30+ days, without being in violation.

I’m curious, since you just joined, and this is a HOTLY debated topic in SF if you are genuinely asking, or trying to get hosts to ‘give up’ that they are skirting the STR laws. Since the press has been having a field day with this topic, as well as people opposing any STR activity in SF. Many opponents and press have infiltrated other forums, posing to be concerned hosts, in order to prove that STR is bad for the city. Forgive me if you do not fall into either of those categories.

Home Suite is a great company that we have used when traveling to places for longer stays, 30 days +. I don’t believe they do anything less than 30 days.

My advice. Don’t break the law.

@azreala I completely understand where you’re coming from. The main reason for my post is to see what options we have now that it’s becoming a hot topic. As I mentioned, HomeSuite has been a great avenue for me to fill my units, but are there any others out there? I’m planning on giving HomeSuite access to my entire inventory since it appears to be the only option, but wanted to see what experience other users have had.

I appreciate you sharing your experiences with them and I’m glad to hear it’s positive, but if HomeSuite is so great, why have I only recently heard of them? I love that my units are filling so quickly but am interested in why this hasn’t become the “New Airbnb” yet.

Also you’re correct that HomeSuite works on 30+ day reservations.

@Lucasfitz I would go back to renting the units like you did before Air BNB OR put them back in the Long Term rental pool and help solve the SF housing shortage.

AIr BNB and HomeSuite are geared towards vastly different audiences. I would suspect that Home Suite is trying to become the Air BNB of corporate housing, they just started in 2014, so it hasn’t been that long.