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Setting up new local Airbnb Owners Group- how to do?


I am currently a cohost of one Airbnb and will opening my own Airbnb in a historic house on April 1 in my town of Frederick Maryland. Some local residents are beginning to talk about regulations on Airbnb’s and I want to form a group of local owners to try and stay ahead of these efforts. I think if we, as a group, self-regulate, we can stave off much of the governmental efforts. Also, I think if we work proactively with the interested parties, and self-regulate, we may reduce or eliminate the need for regulations. Anyone have any experience in setting up a group like this? How do I reach local owners other than messaging them through the Airbnb site?


Start a closed FB Page. That’s what we did when regulations started to darken our doors in Hawaii. Good way to keep in touch and you can upload documents.


And reach out to some establish hosts first and see if you can do this jointly with them, so it will be more credible.


He’s having hard time reaching local owners… I think that’s why he’s posting here.


But there might be exactly zero hosts from Maryland here. That’s why he should start a Facebook group. He can collect others such as realtors, PMs and others with a vested interest in this situation.


Also airbnb blocks all phone numbers email addresses and urls n the messaging section


Until the person has reserved. They then disappear again on the checkout day.


I got an email from Airbnb about setting up a local host group. I had no interest and so deleted it and a quick scan of my trash and archived folders doesn’t show it. But if you were to contact airbnb with exactly the request you posted here you might find them to be helpful.


I would not advise soliciting hosts through the system. People get very annoyed. They have to answer it as an inquiry.


Actually i got 5 very positive responses, we are meeting march 5 to start our own self-advisory group.


Will do that, thanks.


And please do come back and share what you learn.


How do you get their contact info tho?


Didnt get it. Meeting on March 5 to get. Or they can find me on Facebook


Starting a FB is a great idea. See “lets talk short term rentals (STRs) in TC” FB page. It has been very successful in getting people together. Get an article printed in your communities publications to get more people going to your FB page. Regards , Curt

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