Setting a 1 month custom deal, + can you have a larger cleaning fee? + renting 2 parts of house

I’ve tried searching forum and google but I can’t seem to find the answer. Sorry if this sounds spacey, I’m extremely sleep deprived thanks to my toddler!

We’re planning to take a holiday in January next year and it would be great if I can find a long term guest for that month, I’m happy to make the cost pretty cheap just to pay a chunk of the mortgage and not just have the house sitting there doing nothing.

Question is, I normally charge a $20 cleaning fee (so so low and I really should raise it), after a 1 month stay I don’t think it would be unreasonable to charge $100-$150aud?

I can’t seem to find a way to have one cleaning fee in general, and an increased one for this block?

Edit to add: Probably more important than the cleaning fee would be cancellation policy! Can I make it moderate or strict, when I’m flexible the rest of the time?

Next question, I rent my upper level of house, which is fully self contained with separate entry.
Would I be crazy to rent my downstairs level (where we reside) in a separate listing? Are people funny about sharing with strange airbnb guests instead of the host?

My parents live next door and will be in charge, will keep an eye on the place and can attend to any issues.


If you want to be strict - you need to change so all bookings are strict - can’t just select one booking period. You can always change back AFTER you have a booking for the time you are looking at.
Re the cleaning fee - you could set it up in the house rules for this booking only and confirm with the guest that they are willing to pay it and then send a request for it to be paid.

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Keep the booking below 28 nights or you will be on long term rental contract and refund policy, If you can manage financially without renting your personal space, don’t do it.

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Thank you, I didn’t think if that- I’m sure that if a guest is going to be booking that long they are going to reach out first to go over everything, so I could probably just change my cxl policy just for when that particular booking goes as well.

Seems silly to me that you can’t have special booking conditions (extra cleaning fee, cxl etc) for custom periods in your calendar.:confused:

I should have spoke to my husband first, appatently we can have a repayment holiday for that month from our mortgage, so that’s what I’ll be doing. It just hurt to think of paying 1 month of accommodation somewhere + mortgage at home! Ahhh Adulthood!

Still think I’ll put feelers out for a long term booking for that month (I’ve since set the minimum to 2 weeks), but I won’t need it for mortgage now or holiday funds.

For bookings of more than 28 days there is a different cancellation policy:

if it’s a custom booking, sneak a bit extra on the charge, and see the cleaning fee as is.