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Sets of bedding

I am in the process of setting up my apartment and I am about to buy bed linen and towels. From what I am reading online it is best to buy everything in white. From your experience, do you think this is true?

The apartment can accommodate four guests, how many sets should I buy?


I would never use white bed linens and towels. For me this is something who reminds me at hospitales, big unpersonal hotels ect. I am from Norway, and bed linens with colours/patterns are a part of the interior design here. Also white bed linnens and towels can be so hard to keep clean. At least if you don’t want to use chemicals who are bad for the environment.

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Just to show another point of view, we use all white :slightly_smiling:

It looks good but more importantly, the guests can see that everything is spotlessly clean. As for the number of sets, I’d suggest you have three sets for each bed. One in use, one for the next guests and one for emergencies.

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I use white sheets and add color with throw pillows and blankets.

I purchase high-quality sheets that are second hand for a fraction of the cost and keep a lot of extras just in case I need them, can’t do laundry quickly enough or if there is a stain. I would rather spend $3 on a sheet (and be able to see how it looks after being washed) and the rest of the budget go towards nicer throws and other amenities.

I have three sets of grey sheets in rotation and I mix and match with different color duvet covers and pillow covers that come with duvet set. Rotate different color towels same way. White does not work for me as I’m in a beach party town and every guest uses spray tan, sun tan oil and tons of makeup for partying all night at clubs. Red, brown and grey towels from ikea work best for me. Matching rugs to mix it up.

I personally prefer to use white linens and towels, but provide darker facecloths. I did a ton of reading and research before I laid out the money, and the information I gleaned was that guests like to feel that they cannot see hidden stains, and WANT the linens to be like a hotel. I spent a good deal of money, and shopped at sales. The result is a quality product that resists wear and tear. While we do not get a lot of spray tanners here in the Pacific Northwest, we do get whitening toothpaste, which has bleached out many of my personal towels… I can certainly see where spray tanners would ruin towels, and @ Susanned from Norway - I like your idea to stay with what is popular in Norway. That makes sense to me, and provides certain nice touch from your culture. Oxyclean is great for whites.

The Homestores (a part of the TJ Maxx chain has great upscale towels that feel great and are very affordable! I scored some thick delux ones for $7.00!)

Best of luck to you.

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We use color coordinated towels and bedding as it all goes together with the tropical/Key West decorative theme of our cabana. We have two sets of each right now, and may get a third down the road.

We use white too - so much easier to keep clean. We did have some bright coloured bedding but this faded quickly when washed repeatedly.

I think it depends a little on your rental, we list a whole apartment at a premium price so find people have higher expectations and things like hotel quality linen and towels helps with the luxury feel we’re aiming for.

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