Service Survey. Could Hosts help with this? THANK YOU!

Hello guys. Thanks for all that have answered the questions! I apologize in advance if this has been annotying, but if you want you can now just tap this link to a quicker way to answer the Survey. It takes just a couple of minutes. I appreciate your help!! :smile:

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Taking in consideration how helpful you have been in my previous postS. I was hoping you would help me with a very quick questionnaire. I am sorry for any inconveniences this may cause. I know this is not the right place for this, but is the best way to contact so many Hosts and get your real opinion.

Again thanks for your help:

We know that adding a personal touch and giving a good first impression to guests is a must for success.

Flowers are always an option to decorate and charm. However, flowers can be expensive. For $45, you can buy a dozen roses that have been cut many days before sent from a flower shop.

What if, at a similar price, you could order 50 stems of roses (or two bouquets) weekly, biweekly, or monthly…or whenever you want? What if these roses would arrive within 5 days and only be cut upon your order? You can order pre-designed bouquets, bulk, or even design your own arrangement each time. This convenience can really impact guests…and your pocket!

With this offer in mind, I would appreciate your time in answering a few quick questions.
From 1-5, 1 being “very rarely” and 5 “all the time”, how would you rate the following:

•1 Do you often find ways to add a little personal touch to the room and/or location?

•2 Would you spend more than $25 dollars a week for decoration?

•3 Would you enjoy having large flower arrangements at your home?

•4 If affordable, do you think you would buy fresh flowers at least once a month to decorate your home or business?

•5 Would 2 orders a month be something that may work for you?

•6 Do you have any additional comments? (Open Question)



I always do something special. Although, for my own enjoyment, the special touches vary, my latest combination is to leave a $16 bottle of wine, Trader Joe’s chocolate covered blueberries, and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. I have been known to put special embroidered pillow cases on the bed. And flowers occasionally.
The Swann Street Gallery Apartments

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I would not spend more than 25/week on decorations. I spend about $15-20 per couple (or single occupant) on wine, chocolate and coffee. If I buy flowers, I do not buy roses because they tend not to last very long. I prefer chrysanthemums - usually I can buy 3 bouquets for $12 at Whole Foods and they last 3-4 weeks.

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$25 is way too much for us to spend, sadly. We run our listings as a business, so the dollars really count.

We like the idea of fresh flowers and wine, but have yet to find an affordable way to incorporate these into our listings.

For now, we have small gift baskets of snacks. They cost under $5 per basket. Even then, the cost adds up when you have 20+ bookings a month!

We might be interested in some cheap flowers for our office twice a month though. However something tells me you wouldn’t be offering this service in Canada… :frowning:

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Thanks for your replies. Any comment or idea helps.