Service hives and Emotional support bees?

The guy was trying to show how ridiculous these have become. Emotional support bees!

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Here’s mine.


Thanks for the pic @KKC. I have an unusual since of calm and groundedness all of a sudden.


In all seriousness, this guy was struggling at the end of season and a Boston Terrier almost found it on the ground before I did. But I snatched it up and put it up in the sunshine on the plumbagos and hoped it’s last hours would be peaceful. Much better than being masticated to death. And it gave me a sense of calm to do it. Bees really do make everything better. The guy in the article should have made an emotional support tick; something easy to hate at least.


It wasn’t me who registered. But we do have AZ Nurses lined up to help anyone


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Navajo country is so beautiful.