Service: cleaning before check-out?

I’ve just been going through my listing details, the auto stuff you can fill in. I’ve never looked closely at it before. I’m talking about the boxes you can tick, amenities etc. There’s a service ‘cleaning before check-out’ ? Am I misunderstanding this or are there hosts who provide a service of cleaning rooms BEFORE check-out? Is this just so guests can have a tidy room when they pack?! Oh wait it’s just dawning on me! Do they mean do you do weekly cleans or something like that? This would make more sense but there is nothing about frequency so still doesn’t make a lot of sense. Surely then it should say ‘cleaning throughout stay’ ?

I don’t think anyone has ever really been able to figure out what that means and I have read posts where CS reps have told hosts differing things (as per usual) as to what it means. I think it’s supposed to mean what you surmise, that the host provides cleaning during a stay, but it’s one of those ambiguously and awkwardly worded phrases Airbnb seems to excel at, like prep time blocking “one night before and after bookings”, which makes it sound like it would block 2 nights, but in fact, only blocks one night between bookings.

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Thanks Muddy … that makes sense yes just awkwardly phrased thanks for your reply

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I don’t check this, but if I get a rare, longer stay I offer linen change and tidying up every 5-7 days depending on their preference. During the height of COVID we specified that we did not go into rooms at any time during the stay. We were happy to do a linen exchange and to provide cleaning products.