Service animal exemption for home-sharing with health issues

Hi everyone, I rent a room in the house I live in, and due to severe allergies/asthma of my significant other I cannot allow animals in the house. AirBnB’s policy says hosts can get an exemption to allow me to decline guests with service animals, but how do I get the exemption? Do I just have to call customer service now before I get any requests/inquiries, and do I have to submit a letter from a doctor proving the allergies?

“Host health or safety exemptions for service animals: If a Host is unable to host service animals for reasons such as the animal would pose a direct threat to the health and safety of a permanent resident at their home, Hosts may be granted an exemption if they notify us proactively.

I have gotten this exemption, although it wasn’t until Air shut me down due to a complaint from a prospective guest. It actually went to the “safety team”, and that is who my communication was with. My exemption is due to one of our dogs that can be aggressive toward other animals, not a health concern. I suggest contacting CS (good luck!) to see if they can guide you to the correct department. It should be easy peasy, but let’s not forget this is AirBnB you’re dealing with… :roll_eyes: