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September 1st - plans for greeting autumn?

So here we are September 1st. This is the time of year some of us are going to see a slow down and others are ramping up for their busy season. Does the turning of the leaves mean you do something different? What about decorating your rental specially for autumn? Are you planning any advertising campaigns? Or is this the time you relax and look after maintenance issues?

Interested in hearing what the “ber” months mean to you!


Around here that should “…buuuuuuurrrrr” months. Though the “ary” months are even colder.


Yay!! Back to high season finally!


Upstate NY here. My autumn guests tend to be a more relaxed crowd than my summer crowd. I do get many one-night stays during summer, whereas autumn I usually get stays that are at least 2 days. (I have a max of 4 days cause I really don’t like people quite that much, but this is a shared space ABB).

I don’t really do anything different than I normally would do for my guest, other than I put away the guest beach towels and bug spray :slight_smile: I may get some mums and change out the wreath on the porch, but I would do that whether I had ABB or not.

I do see fewer reservations. But that’s ok with me. In the summer, I go for a swim every day after work. In the fall, I go for a walk. In the winter, I just try not to get frostbite during the day and then come home and immediately get into sweats and a bathrobe :slight_smile:

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