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Sending phone and GPS numbers for check in by message

Hi there, I’m trying to create a standard message for my visitors with my contact numbers and GPS and directions for arriving. They already have access to directions on the site under location once they book but just to check in with them and send the phone numbers is proving impossible because Airbnb keep deleting the numbers and telling me I cant send numbers to an unconfirmed booking but in fact they are all confirmed bookings but somehow the system isn’t recognizing this and i don’t know who to contact or how to resolve this as issues with the system malfunctioning don’t seem to be covered by the HELP options!!! Thanks for any advice!

You can put together a template to send by SMS. That way they get your message and the Google Maps link all in one place and just click for directions.

Can you send them a PDF with everything in it? I send that via email attachment. Airbnb’s automated systems can’t read email attachments as far as I know.

Oh, and contact Airbnb via Twitter. This seems like the least awful way to do so.

Thanks, yes i’ve tried sending a PDF by email but it wasn’t coming through to people so I stopped but I must look into it again.

Thanks, is making a template different to having a pre written message with google maps link? Is there a section for making a template? Thanks

Strange. I’ve never had a problem. Did you report it to Airbnb? Based on experiment, Twitter appears to be the best method.

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