Sending internet links to guests

I’d like to send links to local attractions, but I’m not sure if the Airbnb system will allow this. How do hosts deal with this?

The Airbnb email system doesn’t permit links. If you enter an attraction in your guidebook the link will show. The problem is that I have never had a guest who knew about the guidebook.

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The AirBnB messages system does not allow this, but the mail system does.

You can send them a welcome email to their AirBnB email address, and put pictures and urls in it.

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Thank you. I’m not sure what the difference is between email and messaging. I don’t have a phone that does text. I use my iPad or laptop and answer the messages/emails that come to the inbox on the app. I also get an email, thought they were the same.
So if I answer from my email I can send links?

I don’t think you can send links until after they have reserved. Before that time it will come up as (URL hidden) or something like that, instead of actually showing the link.

By “messages” I think perhaps Chris means sending a message through the Airbnb website rather than by your email inbox. (I get text alerts, but cannot reply via text.)

I think @EllenN is spot on about people not looking at guidebooks (and many other areas of the website) so you might want to point out that guidebook to guests.

Ah, you mean sending :slight_smile:

Once the reservation is confirmed, you can send links even through the messages system, ie, on the browser.

Replies to texts have gone through when I’ve tried. Perhaps a bit unreliable, it’s often arrived late.

Oh! I’ll have to try it. I always thought I had to login to see the full message and reply to them.

I text them after they book, and ask them to send me their personal email. I have lots of helpful PDF files, and a website, and it’s just easier to send all of that with their direct email. No one has refused that request so far. You will also be able to contact them directly in the future for repeat bookings. (I don’t see a reason for a repeat guest to pay the AirBnB service fee after the first booking. They either trust you by then or they don’t)

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Definitely! I do that, too. I send them a whole package and don’t care for it to go through Air’s filtering system, thank you very much.

Yes, if you’ve hosted someone and it is a trustworthy situation you can each save a little by booking directly for future stays.

I sent an email with some likes and they were (link deleted by AirBnB). What a pain in the a**.

That’s weird, I’ve never had a problem adding links for guests in the message system.