Selling your Airbnb home

If you are going to sell your Airbnb home, would you add any value for it being a Airbnb income producer ?

We have Airbnb basement that is consistently bring in $2k-$3k monthly. Would you advertise this ? Would this increase it’s value ?

I see numerous home listings with the income potential listed

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no harm in mentioning, but that mention will only be relevant to a tiny percentage of the buyers market. It’s quite specific as far as ‘good points’ go.

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Yes, absolutely! At least in my area, that would be a huge selling point because house prices are so high here, any way to reduce your mortgage payment is a bonus.


Same. I live in Seattle and regularly see listings that advertise things like, “basement apartment with full-kitchen for rental income or AirBnB.”

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Are you able to advertise it as a “legal apartment”? Your realtor will know, if you are using a realtor. That I think would be more attractive to more potential purchases than Airbnb-able, but I agree it can only help, not hurt.

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@Miken1999 - Mentioning the rental aspect worked for me in selling my vacation home (high-rise condo) in a destination spot but did not have an impact when selling my lakefront 3 bedroom/3 bath summer home which was also in a vacation destination.

For both, part of the description in the listing was along the lines of: “popular and lucrative self-managed short term rental for the past __ yrs. (records and accounting provided).” I can’t recall how it was worded exactly but I insisted that reference to the property being a STR be included in the listing description.

The condo received a full-priced offer ($585,000) from a non U.S. citizen in less than 10 days. I lucked out because he wanted to continue listing it on Air (and is currently doing so). The lakefront property took months to find a buyer but it finally came at just under full price ($1.8M). It was a family who had no interest in renting it out.

Different properties, different buyers’ interests. Take from it what you will.

We finished our basement as an in law suite with it’s own entrance and we have NO HOA to worry about . We didn’t really know how well the Airbnb thing would turn out but our mortgage being paid for and we can stay in our home . That gave us more options to invest in other things . I would think a buyer who never thought of being a Airbnb host can now our purchase a home and have a guarantee payment would be attractive to it .

A legal apartment is not always great because it attracts extra taxation. Also it tends to detract value from the main home due to loss of privacy and control so no net gain there.

Before advertising your property as having a business income, check your tax situation. Here in the Uk technically you are required to pay capital gains tax on the business part of the sale

I would say mention the Airbnb income e.g. bedroom/reception room 15’ X 16’, currently an Airbnb rental earning 10k a year. Allow the purchaser the freedom of their imagination. What does your estate agent say?

Just goes to show how markets vary. Legal apartment is a hot ticket here, we have many group long term rentals by young professionals, congressional staff, etc.

Yes and here too, but subdividing undermines the value of the remainder of the building because people prefer control of the whole thing. Best to consult with an estate agent (‘realtor’?) first.

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