Selling my tiny house, yurt & outhouse

I had a supposed party of 2 check in with 4 people
And th

I’m agog. What???

Well … okay …

Akimbo is good, I think.

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Does that involve a long stick and people shimmying under it?

“Agog” …hmmm, I think that’s a holiday drink.

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Lets all do the limbo and drink some grog.

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I am moving & must sell my 8’ X 12’ tiny house with double bed shelf built out, a sink & shower & can be sold with or without the compostable toilet
My yurt is 12’ and has a moveable foundation. It is in great condition & can be sold with a very comfortable bed & box spring or not
I have a redwood privy (outhouse) with a compostable toilet, shower & sink
All must go in the beginning of November
My email is
I live in Wine Country in Northern California

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@Robert_Dudley…Thanks, I know what ‘agog’ means as well as ‘akimbo’.

…just some silliness (during my cocktail hour).

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With our elbows akimbo! (when you stand with your hands on your hips and your elbows sticking out - akimbo)

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My dear. I know what akimbo is. I waz being creative. :o